Place of Refuge

Place of Refuge

28 August 2010

Some Current News That Coincides With My Recent Channelings and Articles

I really want to thank
who follows this blog
with any 

I know it's damned hard work.

What's even harder,
is this:

Working a regular job
while this stuff
keeps pouring through.

Some of my entries are pure channelling,
some is pure
intellectual work
done by my poor
feeble mind
as it puts together the pieces
I've been studying 
for a very, very long time.
If you follow the logic that I am channeling,
I mean:
seriously channeling,

then I'm also recognizing texts

done by previous channelers.

I'm putting together
a huge 

You must be patient.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 

In the meantime,
check out these recent newstories
that bring some 
interresting correlations
when read along side my recent
more intellectual

Space Squid Takes Sci-Fi Back to Clay-Tablet Age

And two that are not directly related,
I just like it because I see
an indirect relation
to other stuff I wrote in the last six months:

(I'll probably have more to say about that last one.  looks a bit like a skin disorder,
doesn't it?)

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