Place of Refuge

Place of Refuge

08 August 2010

The Logic of The Language of the Mind of Human-Kind, Part Two

OK, you're wondering:
so what's the 
big deal?

All over the world
we may encounter
people who either think:

"I can be like this and drive a car!"


"I can drive a car and be like this!"

Generally, those who think the latter
should only drive a car
when they're sober, and those
that can say the former
should make an art of driving
 a car when they're high--

 The problem is:
there's no real way to tell
the difference.
Not all guys 
can say the former
and not all chicks
can say the latter,
but we live in a world
unfortunately unable
to see subtlety.
 We've been living in a world
dominated by the belief
that only guys can drive cars.

We've entered a pretty monumental shift,
they're calling it paradigmatic.

It's happened at least
once before: 
millenia ago
Eastern thought used to dominate
and the Eastern hemisphere
tends to be able to think:
"I can be like this and drive a car!"

The East reigned over the earth
for a long time
and then something happened:
the earth experienced
a seismic change
that reversed

In the Bible, that shift is best represented
in the story of when the Tower of Babel tumbled,
and the tribes of men
were scattered;

In the speculated history of the science of geology,
it was the 
when the single land mass from the beginning of time
burst in half,
along a fissure line
so enormous
that it can only be equated 
with the mirror God used
to see Himself at the moment of Creation.

both images from Rodinia  

If you've been following my logic
this long,
you may be able to make this logical leap:
the Earth itself then represents
the moment of creation
over and over again.  
We just have to see it.
If only we could see that,
we wouldn't be
so scared.

Life & death,
the spinning of 
our Globe
within the sphere defined by our Sun,
which spins within an even larger sphere
all show us the action of
wheels within wheels

Imagine this:
very occasionally,
a certain point
on all of the wheels
align themselves
and something happens
something  perfect

and if one of the spheres
is not as perfect
as it is capable of being,
it might be doomed to go on,
on its fallible,
disposable sphere,
 maneuvering it in avatars
that were oh so perfectly desgined
to inhabit imperfection
until it either
redeems itself
destroys itself,

As crazy as this might sound,
this is what I believe
will be
the essence of

All of creation
will come into alignment
and something's going to happen:

something will change
in the course of the cycle,
that will cause other changes.

We've been moving towards this for some time now:
the world is becoming more dominated
by people who are both mechanical and intuitive,
but it's hard to give up
old beliefs.

The solution we have to accept
and enact
before 2012
if we want to live in this new world 
that will no doubt 
be produced
at this time
is the absolute easiest one --

and that is this:
we have to accept that it doesn't matter
who ate the apple,
we ate it together,
male and female
white and black
straight and gay
and all shadings in between.

We messed up together:
no one's right
no one's wrong;
we all just must
simply love each other
and learn to be terrifically honest
about who 
should be doing the driving
and who
should be telling us how
to steer the course,
in all its intricacies.

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