Place of Refuge

Place of Refuge

22 August 2010

The Ones Who Move and The Ones Who Talk: A Channelling

You see,
I've lived through so many lives:
I've seen the patterns played
over and over again:
and we're deceiving ourselves to think
that no one knows
what the fuck is going on.

Somebody does;
they're called the Inner Circle.

A village in any country
displays the same characteristics,
the same stereotypes,
from generation to generation.
It doesn't matter if it's
in China or India or Syria
or Africa or Argentina
or Nebraska.

It doesn't matter.

There's always the bully
There's always the freek
There's always the angel
There's always the geek
There's always the status quo,
the ones who don't know
that the extremes of society
talk to each other
to keep the rest
under control:
The ones who stick out; the noticable ones
who stay in one place all their lives
who see each other
over and over again and who know
who are the angels
who are the devils 
who are the beauties
who are the beasts
who are the kinds
who are the swingers and the ones
who know everybody's business
in any given place at any given time:
they're the ones who stay and 
to each other.
Those are the personality types;
there are also the talents:
those things we all do well

we can be a freak
but be very good
at building a house;

we can be a beauty
but be very good
at fixing cars;

we can be a beast
but be good at ceremony
because we understand the meaning of the sacred;

we can have the desire to create
and not have any hands.

But as long as we are true
to the essential spirit within us,
we have an amazing
kind of beauty
that others see and admire,
and if we could all just be true
to the essential thing we are
then, well, 
we wouldn't have all the troubles in the world,
we'd just all be amazed
at the beauty around us


The talent we know is true 
to us
that makes us beautiful when we practice it
is our part of 
the spirit that runs through us
like a thread through the cloth,
that binds us
makes us one,
makes us God,
makes us Son.

The Manifestation of the Diverse
features of the All:
we are it.
We are one.
But wait a minute ---
I may run 
far too far ahead
of myself.


Think about high school --
(high schools, in general, are the closest many of us
in America
will ever get to village life):
For some of us, it was
 a misery
because we were convinced there was
something we had to know
but nobody would tell us.

And we didn't know how to ask;
didn't think we had the right
to talk.

So we stumbled through
trying hard to figure out
the social game
while also trying
to deal with our growing

they grow so fast, but so does
our capacity to reproduce ourselves
so without knowing, our essential personalities showed
while the hormones 
made us insane;
we could control it,
so we became --
ourselves, flagrantly, and mutated.

Unfortunately, high school is also a place that doesn't tolerate
difference much.
So many of us are happy to see it end;
as soon as we leave, and
go somewhere else,
we can hide; we can be
something other than what we are 

What I describe is human
nature, and these patterns have gone on
for as long as humans have been
social, have recognized themselves
as different from each other.

You see: humans,
be they Adam or Eve,
Sonny or Cher,
Cain or Abel,
Donnie or Marie,
Romeo or Juliet
Emre or Esen,
Noah or Abraham
Buddah or Jesus or 
Mary Magdaline, Cleopatra, Ghengis Kahn, Charlie Chan . . . 
or all the other nameless
have always had those patterns,
age to age,
generation to generation.

The big difference between 
and now
between a small town and
urban mindlessness

is the People Who Move.

The Ones Who Move are the ones
who hated high school
(or hated the village)
because no one told
what everyone knew

because the ones who moved,
were the ones that everyone ostracized
for one reason or antoher,
so they moved
to new places,
full of other Ones Who Stayed There All Along.

The Ones Who Stay take advantage 
of what the ones who stay in one place know:
who are the geeks;
who are the fools;
who are the beauties; 
who are the tools;
and the ones who have power
are the ones 
who talk
and walk
into the right circles at the right times

( about )

They keep a kind of power over
the rest of us,
by talking only
to the ones
they want to share
their power with.

Now the ones who move and talk
are the ones who move into
the inner circle quickly
and gradually create
a larger world.

They're the ones who know, 
just about everything about everyone
in a number
of different places
and they figure out the categories
of the ones who are in any given place
pretty quickly
because they know that that kind of knowledge
is power

~ ~ ~ ~

You see, I've lived so long.
While everyone else has died and returned
at least four or five times
I just trudge on through,
in the same old young body,
but ancient inside,
while your dying always provides you
a new masquerade.
And in your dying
you're forgetting
the growth you made in the years before --

you return to your old patterns,
the social lies you constructed
to mask
the old essential you,
and you have to learn it all 
all over 

(Your forgetting is so deep
because the sleep of death is so great,
that it seems that everyone thinks
their short time on earth
is the only incarnation:
it's the one shot deal.
But it's not:

I meet people, and I know
I've met them
somewhere before; in fact I've bumped into them
many times before,
in their different lives,
their different places,
and they just don't see
they keep playing the same mistakes over and over
they don't recall anything because they slept the sleep of death so deep.

(The sleep of death doesn't have to be
so deep
No sir;
But it is.
If we knew the sleep of death was
but a sleep,
a sleep during which 
our spirits seek out the best
in which to return and learn
the lessons needed to be learned
on our journey to perfection
as we seek
to come back, hoping
to get it right the next time
so we too can be
one of the ones who stay
and talk
and get into
the inner circle, but also bring
 the wisdom of how to live in the world
sanely and justly
to those who keep forgetting.

You see, I also see that talking
and getting into
the inner circle
right now
doesn't require
doesn't require
it only requires beauty
and the ability to manipulate

Only rarely does an inner circle being
possess deep wisdom,
and when they do,
they become immortal,
because people keep talking about them
for ages to come.
They become 
stars in the firmament
of our collective souls
the ones who tell us how to do it right,
and how to do it well,
and how to do it,

but also
there are those heroes who show us
how to do it wrong, so we
never do it wrong


We've just gone through an age
when everyone thought
it was wrong to think
in stereotypes
because people believed
they were individuals and deserved
individual rights.

We'll call that
The Age of America.
It was a 
selfish Age
in the History of 
and lasted about
600 years, give or take
a few; 
it began with 
the Renaissance, the Age of the Growth of the Human Mind.

The only way the collective
Human Mind
could grow would be for 
everyone to believe
that they were alone

So each mind had to grow,
on its own
and find a variety of ways 
to get us out of that state
of being divided and alone
and miserable
and into United States.

And we did
precisely that.


Because at its best,
the United States has been 
by The Ones Who Move,
those who didn't know
what everyone who stayed home 
was saying and caring about.  No.
The United States 
has historically been populated
by the Ones 
Who Were So Busy Thinking or Doing, so 
they didn't see
what everyone who talked
to each other saw:
they were too busy being creative individuals,
and they refused to see
the geeks,
the beauties, 
the nerds,
the squirrels,
the trains,
the guy 
who sits on the corner and is there every day.

Why didn't we see that?
Because we were probably 
tending a farm, or
writing a book, or
composing a song,
designing a house, or
playing with electricity 
in the garage,
and not talking to the people who talked
because we recognized they really had
very little to say.

So we (or our ancestors) left
the small town,
the homeland,
the place 
where patterns were familiar
and went somewhere else and
actually believed
it would be different.
But it really isn't.

We just created a new place
with geeks and freaks
and queens and kings
and nerds and gays
and ordinary joes:

It's all the same, and it 
repeats itself from
generation to generation
in every town, in every 
in every high school,
it's all
the same,
even in the land of individual liberty, 
even in America.

* * * * *

America is at its best when people
work together united by one purpose,
despite differences,
working side by side
despite jealousies,
living, even loving, past
the surfaces we fear.

The Age of America is Over
and will never return
if we cannot do that.


We have reached the
Age of the Grid,
the age
of a union that extends far
beyond national borders,
that lives largely in the mind,
transmitted on the weave of frequency
if we talk, and talk enough
and talk to the right people,
we will find 
our likenesses,
and the fact we're different
just won't give a damn,
because it just doesn't matter 
in the Age of the Grid.

It's not the Age of Aquarius,
though that was as necessary
to the evolution
of the human mind
as the Age of 

The question stands, now:
will we let 
the Age of America pass 
into disrespectful squallor
like the Roman Age,
or will we let it end
as in Ancient Greece,
and thereby let it last

That's up to U.S.

Right now the Gods of America,
the Inner Circle -
the Ones Who Talk
and get Talked About
are creating an infernal,
eternal pattern
of selfishness and gluttony

Yes, that's what keeps humans human

If only the Ones Who Talk
and get Talked About
could change their ways unanimously,
could right their wrongs
the Age of America would enter

It's up to U.S.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

It's a strange ride to be on,
what appears to be
a roller coaster of
        and death
       and death
and life

The fear of death would diminish if we could
only see
that what seems to be a windy, 
upside down journey
is actually a clear
straight line,
revolving within
and around

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