Place of Refuge

Place of Refuge

30 November 2010

No Time For Channelling; No Time For Writing


I've been silent, I know,
and it's killing me.
For more information on why,
please see my September 18 entry, called
"The Scholar".

I am an academic in an American College
where folks
get little time for scholarship,
as we struggle to teach
all those Children
that were not left behind.
That's right:
we're beginning to see, in the American university system, the results
of the Bush Administration's
illustrious education plan called
"No Child Left Behind"
and guess what?
They're almost all
way behind.

But that's for another entry --
for now,
I wanted to check in,
and say
I'm thinking of this blog,
and of all the patient people who read it
and I'm looking forward to the weekend
when, hopefully,
I can spend a little more time
on this here blog,
and perhaps on yours,

By then,
I'll have a little time
to read

I'm lovin' it.


21 November 2010

the diva in divine; the divine in diva

~ ~It is very pretentious, I know,
to call one's self
a diva~~

Beyonce calls herself one:

Now, I'm not going to say
that Beyonce is not
a diva,
in fact I do think she is,
but I want to contemplate,
the way the meaning of this word has changed.

A hustler, of course, is a cheater,
or a pimp
or a prostitute,
someone whose primary motivation
is money and sex.

But is that truly all
a diva is?

Now, diva is a word
that for a long time
has had somewhat negative connotations:

(maria malibran-wikipedia + )

Divas do have a reputation
of being tempermental
and willful,
but that willfulness
coincides with a tendency to be
a top performer,
someone who gives their all.

Anyone who finds opera
to be excessive or weird,
or criticizes divas
for being too testy
doesn't understand one key point:
to give one's self to a piece of music like that
means making one's Self
somewhat vulnerable.

You surrendor to the music,
you surrendor to your art,
and the outcome,
if you don't protect yourself
with a fiery temperment
or a good manager,
can be fatal.

( brooklynmuseum )

~ ~ ~

Even Wikipedia acknowledges
that the definition itself
has its roots
in something far more
perfect and pure:

"The word entered the English language in the late 19th century. It is derived from the Italian noun diva, a female deity. The plural of the word in English is "divas"; in Italian, dive [ˈdiːve]. The basic sense of the term is "goddess",[1][2] the feminine of the Latin word divus (Italian divo), a male deity.[3] The word is thus distantly related to the Hindu term deva and the Zoroastrian concept of the daevas."
( wikipedia/diva )

Thus, in both the West and the East,
the etymology of the word
is distinctly grounded
in the notion of divine.


In both traditions
it is linked with a goddess,
and has a male counterpart as well.

I often quote a man named
Hazrat Inayat Khan,
and according to him:

"The word divine has its origin in the Sanskrit word
which also means divine.  And yet the root of this word means light,
which explains that the divine 
is that part of being 
which is illuminated
by the light within."

I find Inayat Khan's message to be
the most satisfying these days,
because he sought to preach a
across belief systems,
and it is a oneness
that acknowledges
the existence of
the divine.

He goes on to say:

"Therefore, though in man there is light hidden,
if not disclosed,
he is not divine.
If the hidden light were divine,
then the stone could be divine too,
for the spark of fire
is hidden in the rock.
All life is one,
without doubt,
and all names and forms are of the same life.
But that part of life from which light springs,
illuminating itself and its surroundings,
and bringing recognition of its own being,
is divine;
for in this is the fulfilment
of the purpose of the whole creation,
and every activity is directed towards achieving the same purpose."

( minxmx )

A deva in the Hindu tradition
is an angel, any benevolent spiritual entity,
and there are many

In the Brihadaranyaka Upanishad,
it is claimed there are
33 celestial devas,
and the Vedas tell us
that those 33 devas
are reflected in Nature,
in the world we live in.

Inayat Khan continues:
"How calmly the mountains and hills seem to be waiting for a certain day to come!
If we went near them and listened to their voices,
they would tell us this.
And how eagerly the plants and the trees in the forest
seem to be waiting for some day, for some hour,
the hour of the fulfilment of their desire!
If only we could hear the words they say!
In animals, in birds,
in the lower creation, the desire is still more intense
and still more pronounced. 
The seer can see it when his glance meets their glance."

In Buddhism,
the deva is also a deity,
a "shining one,"
but they live in an impermanent place,

The average human,
caught up in the hustle of the day
(the diva is a hustler???)
cannot hear them,
but those who have opened their
extrasensory eye or ear,
they can be perceived.

( esogarden )

In all these traditions,
the deva or diva
is she - and he -
who has taken the next step
on a journey
to the divine

and this individual
gains this stage
by opening up
something essential
to that individual--

Inayat Khan adds:
"But the fulfilmment of this desire is in man [and woman]:
the desire that has worked through all aspects of life
and brought forth different fruits,
yet always preparing a way
to reach the same Light which is called Divinity.
But even man, whose right it is, 
cannot reach it unless he acquire
the knowledge of the self,
which is the essence of all religions."
( from:"God the Infinite" The Unity of Religious Ideals

The knowledge of self,
in this sense,
has little to do
with money or sex
and everything to do
with accepting your true voice
opening yourself up
and truly
singing --

a vulnerable position,
to say the least,
but it is the position
of the true diva
the one who 
will take the risk
of letting their light
really shine . . . 

(follow this link to 80 year-old Janey Cutler -- those who have posted
her videos on YouTube have wisely not enabled comments or posting.)

I would dare say
a true diva 
is one who is not afraid
to open up
and let their inner light shine.

many divas today
in the U.S.A.
feel it necessary
to wrap their divinity
in pretentious disguises,
or  to only settle for children
who do it naturally,
because in the West,
at least,
we don't smile upon those who forefront their talent.
We prefer
to elevate
the mundane,
and the absurd,
to give rewards
for just being present,
and to applaud
the hustla.

And meanwhile,
the natural world,
the earth,
for the coming of the divine

and the sad thing is:

the divine will come from nowhere
if it does not come
from us.

Random Acts of Culture

I dare you to stage one:


19 November 2010

It is Written, by Mostafa Heravi

short film "It Is Written" by Mostafa Heravi 2006 from Mostafa heravi on Vimeo.

Whole (an edited channelling)


I had a dream
several months ago;
in it,
I was singing
with a multitude of people.

It was the end of time,
and we knew it.

Everyone was walking down streets
long and dark, like an alley,
a huge bowling alley;
so many people, 
so many voices.

And then a group broke off,
male and female, and I
was among them,
and we were singing
to a beautiful musical phrase:
we had no children
over and over again.
we had no children
we had no children
we had no children.
And we were exquisite;
every voice around me
was full and realized,
and every voice was
content with where it sat
in the face
of the singer,
and the singers each
were content
with their faces
that contained
their voices.

It was a joy to sing with them,
and I realized
most of my companions
were gay
or were single and childless,
like me,
and I was happy to be singing
with the choir of the childless
we each understood
the sources of our pain and
our voices sounded so good
so we sang, as we marched 
down our narrow street;
we sang
we had no children
we had no children
we had no children
into the depth
of the endless


Some people wonder
why it seems
we have so many gay people
so many
who have not reproduced.


Those who reproduce
are those
who are still evolving,
who do not yet recognize
the element of the opposite sex
we each contain,
or perhaps
they haven't developed 
their other halves
so well;
they're still predominantly 
just half.


god broke in half
in order to be able to see
but when they broke in 1/2
he actually had to double
was whole
and in order for whole
to see whole
it has to see
half & half

if whole
tries to see another whole
it would just continuously
be disappearing
into the 
hole in the middle of whole
that appears
when whole tries
to double itself
; ; ; ;
so whole reproduces itself
by creating
two halves
to represent
the halves
that constitute the whole.

I've said this before.

We -- every part of creation --
are representatives
and representations
of the different aspects
of the whole;
and within each of our species
we continually represent the doubling of the
whole, of the 
that is god.

just think of what happens in nature:
the halves
but then become wholes
by doubling --

a continual repetition,
a continual reproduction,
of the act of reproduction
that the creative force
we choose to call God
when it felt the compulsion
to reproduce

As the 1/2s evolve,
the aspects in us that
are the essential aspects
of a whole god
and we begin containing
a little bit of each half
of the whole:

Thus, more and more
we are prone to see
people who contain
this doubleness,
those of us
who have been evolving
for awhile
from age to age
now occupy
that indicate
our wholeness


we contain a duality


a man in a female body;
a female in a male body,
and sometimes
we are attracted to another
just like us.

What else can I say?

I don't know for sure
a message like this is emerging;
it just is--
and I'm writing it.

(Actually, I'm editing it, too, 
because the original channelling
was quite a challenge.
But the message
was clear.)

so I'm singing with all these
gorgeous-voiced people
many gay,
many lesbian,
some like me,
all of us who
never reproduced,
not in this lifetime, at least;
we never really needed to reproduce
though we may have wanted to,
some of us,
like me
contained a weeping memory
of reproduction
deep in our wombs.

We are the ones whose
spirits have evolved
to a point
shy of wholeness.

And so we contain two in one.

For some of us,
on first sight,
we're way shy of normal,
but the more you get to know us
you see
we're not that bad,
and we're even appealling,
and we sure can sing.
And don't forget:
we can't help it==
we were born into these
that mark the stage we're at
in our spiritual development;
they are
and we need them
to learn the lesson
we're here to learn
this time around,
and to help humankind
to the next stage it is meant
to arrive at.

18 November 2010

Rumi on Jesus, part I

~ * ~

Christ is the population of the world,
and every object as well. There is no room
for hypocrisy.  Why use bitter soup for healing
when sweet water is everywhere?


13 November 2010

Conversation In The Garden: A Radio Play

(for those of you
who have so kindly
read Makropoulos'
musings over the past months,
you know,
I have an obsession with the Creation Story,
and I keep retelling it,
over and over.
If you don't like it,
I'm sorry, but
think of it this way:
Elton John has been writing the same song,
over and over again,
all his career,
and for some odd reason, he gets away with it.
So here I go again, with mine:)


 sound of crunching and biting. . . and crunching . . .  an apple . . .

Adam:  That was good

Eve:  Nice and crispy.  Want another?
rustle of leaves, as she reaches
for another
Adam:  Better not; he told us not to. 
Hey, look at that bush over there.  It has
bright red berries on it.  Maybe we can eat them,

Eve:  Who says they're bright red?

Adam:  I do.  He told me, whatever I say goes.  GENESIS 2:19: "and
whatsoever Adam called every living creature
that was the name therof. . . "

Eve:  Oh, brother, this is going to go to your head.  Hey, what's that thing in your hand?

Adam:  What?

Eve:  That thing, in your hand -- What is it?  You know, we could get
a hell of a lot more done around here if you'd just
put it down.  
Adam:  I can't put it down.

Eve:  What do you mean?

Adam: It's stuck to me.

Eve:  What?  Let me see.  Oh my god!  
It's a snake!

(twigs cracking and grasses swishing
as she rises from
a lying position)

Adam:  No!  It's not!  It's me!  Come on back here!

Eve:  It's awful!  How can you touch that thing
all the time?

Adam:  It feels good!   You'd be touching it all the time
if you had one.

Eve:  Well, I don't. 

Rustle of leaves 
as she moves closer
Eve:  Oh, my god, it's growing.  It's moving!

Adam:  yeah, it does that whenever you bend over.

Eve:  Oh my god . . . .

Adam:  Stop saying that

sound of snap of a twig again

Eve:  here, take this and cover it up.
Adam:  I am not covering mine if you don't cover yours.

Eve:  I don't have one.

Adam:  Yeah, I know.  And I think that's kind of freaky, so
cover it up.

sound of leaves being picked,
Adam and Eve making 
little noises, as they adjust their new
wardrobe. . . 

Eve and Adam:  randomly  No, put it there.  Oh, I don't like it there, move it over.  Don't cover that part;
I like that part. . . 
Eve: Laughing  You need a bigger one!  
ripping more leaves

Eve:  Here, let me help

Sound of rustling, 
and bodies getting closer
Eve & Adam: randomly  Ewww,  
Oh?  Oh!
OH! . . Aw  Aw  ah  ah 

Adam:  You should cover those, those two.  If the rule is to
you cover whatever you feel like touching all the time,
you should definitely cover those.

Eve:  Well, I don't want green on them.  I mean, I like them SO much. 
I want a better color.  
I need red.

Adam:  Well the only thing big enough that's red
is an apple. . . 

Eve:  Apple?  What's an apple?

Adam:  Those red things we ate.  You know, the ones we're not supposed to eat.

Eve:  Oh!

sound of rustling, apples being plucked

Adam:  Eve!!  What the hell did you do that for?  We're not supposed to!!

Eve:  Well, we already ate one, so we're screwed.  What's two more? 
Besides, I'm not eating them.


Eve:  By the way, what is hell?
Adam:  What?

Eve:  You just said "what the hell!"  What is hell?

Adam.  indifferently  Oh.  It's just something I said.
It doesn't mean anything.

Eve:  Well, it does now.

Adam:  Why?

Eve:  Because you said it.  You know: you're the First Man,
and He gave you the power to name things.
So, if you say it, it's bound to mean something.
big sigh, then, exasperated:
My God!
Adam:  Stop saying that!  pause  Do you really think
that EVERYTHING I say is going to mean something?

Eve:  Somewhere down the line.  If you say it enough,
it's going to mean something.
If it doesn't mean anything,
than why say it?
Will you please help me . . . 
with my apples?

Adam:  Oh, yeah, baby, I love them apples. . . 

ooh, ahh, ewww,. . .

Rustle, rustle,
the tinkling sound
of sparkling sun
on wet leaves, the
deep exhale
of a spring breeze. . .
Eve:  Uh, oh.  

Adam:  giggling.  He's coming.  Put your apples back on.

Eve:  what about that thing?

Adam:  What?

Eve:  This thing?

Adam;  Oh, . . . . .we'd better leave them on, too.

Eve:  What?  (obviously she is involved with her apples)_

Adam:  Leave it!

Eve:  What?

Adam:  Leave it!

Eve:  What's it?

Adam:  Leave it!!!

Eve:  Oh, it's a leave.

Adam:  What?

Eve:  The thing you're wearing on your thingamajig,
it's a leave.

Adam:  Oh, is it?

Eve:  You just named it, you primate, you!

More gracious rustling
tinklings of
the sparkling sun
on wet leaves,
the gentle sound
of spring rain,
and breath,
always breath. . . 

Eve:  He's really essentially good.
He'll forgive us.

Adam:  Are you worried?

Eve:  Yeah, a little.  Aren't you?

Adam:  Yeah,  Adjust your apples.

And they heard the voice
of the Lord God
walking in the garden
in the cool of the day:

Lord God:  Hidee Hidee Hidee Ho. . . 

Adam:  whispering  I hate that song. . .

Eve:  What's hate?

Adam:  still whispering  It's the feeling that I get
whenever he sings that song.

Eve:  Hidee hidee hidee ho. . . it's kind of nice.
It kind of doesn't mean
a damned thing.

Adam:  That's why I hate it

gentle breezes,
birds singing
spinning cymbals,
deep breathing.

L.G.:  Hidee hidee hidee ho. . .
Adam?  Where art thou?

Adam:  knees knocking, clenched together in fearwhispering: Oh, fuck!

Eve:  What?

Adam:  Oh!  It doesn't mean anything!

Eve:  Stop saying things that don't mean anything,
than insisting that all your words
have meaning.  If you keep doing that,
I'm just going to start singing
Hidee hidee hidee ho,
all the time!

L.G.:  Adam!  (L.G.'s voice is firm, but a soft, patient tone)  Adam!  Where art thou?

Adam:  calling  Oh!  Oh!  Is that you?  Why,
I head thy voice in the garden, and I was afraid because
I was naked; and I hid myself!

Absolute silence.
Then. . . 
Sharp inhale, 
like a typhoon --

L.G.:  Who told thee thee was naked?
Adam:  Uh. . . . Uh. . . . 

Eve  whispering  Did that mean something?

Adam:  Uh. . .  . Uh. . . . 


Adam:  whispering  I'm afraid it does mean something

L.G.:  Hast thou eaten of the tree,
whereof I commanded thee
that thou shouldst not eat?

Eve:  Maybe I misjudged HIm.

Adam:  Uh. . . . The woman whom thou gavest to be with me, 
she gave me of the tree,
and I did eat!

Eve:  OH, My GOD! No!
L.G.:  Yes, dear.  Yes, that's right:
Adam just produced a falsehood.  
It's true: sometimes what he says is
god's truth, and sometimes,
it means nothing at all,
and sometimes,
rather than burn his own ass,
he's going to blame it all
on you . ..
So get ready:
I'm about to tell you what you get
for eating of the tree. . . 

Adam:  I'll take door number three.

L.G.:  What the hell does that mean?

Eve:  See, He's saying it now, so it must mean something.

L.G.:  What do you mean?

Eve:  Adam's been saying that all day long. . . What the hell. . . . What the hell. . . 

L.G.:  Oh, it doesn't mean anything.
Eve:  Come on, now, what was the lesson
you just gave me about the First Man
over here, and falsehood?

L.G.:  Oh,.   O.K.  
Let me tell you what that phrase means:

"What": means, well, it's what you say when you
don't know something.

Adam and Eve:  What?

L.G.:  Precisely.

Adam and Eve:  Oh.

L.G.:  Yes, what.  Now, "the" is the definite article.

A and E:  What?

L.G.:  Again, precisely.  That's what a bunch of people are going to say in the future,
people from Russia and China and Japan
and a few other places, too,
when they try to learn English.  You see,
their language
will not have
a definite article, 
they recognize you really don't need one.
I mean, an apple's an apple, right?
English needs one, because
English speaking people are just that particular.
They have the intellect
of a giant five year old:
the English language lets me focus on 
just one apple
and say
"I want that one."  
and you would say
"What one?"
and I would say:
"That One" 
and you would say
"What One?"
and I would say
THE apple perched on your
left boobie

Adam and Eve:  Oh!  That Apple!

L.G.  Yes.  That Apple.  I'll take the other one too.

Adam and Eve:  Why?

L.G.:  I like apples.  They're my favorite 
And you weren't supposed to touch them.

Adam:  Why didn't you tell us that?  If you would have put it that way,
we would not have eaten one.  But instead you just said
"don't" and we didn't know why.  

Eve:  yeah!

L.G.:  I did tell you.  I know I told you.

Adam:  I don't remember.

L.G.  Oh, I know I told you.  I know I said it right over there, a few days ago,
remember?  We were lying in that leafy grove over there,
when we were with your cousins, smoking the green plant, 
and I told you.

Adam:  Oh, yeah, that was fun.  But I don't remember you telling
us anything important. (to Eve)  Do you?

Eve:  Well, you know, I do, now that you
bring it up.
And you know: we were smoking that stuff before we ate
the apples,

L.G.  Oh, great.  I told you not to smoke too much of that stuff.
Because you really can't handle it.

Adam and Eve:  Who?

L.G.  You.  I told you, I told you, I told you,
and you don't listen,
which is a mistake,
I am GOD!

Adam and Eve:  Who's God?

L.G.:  Me!

Adam and Eve:  Is that your name?

L.G.:  Sure, for now.  I mean, I heard Eve saying it:
Oh, my god! and I thought she was talking
to me. 
I like the sound of it, too:
God.  God.  God.
Do you know God is Dog 
spelled backwards?

Adam and Eve:  What's a dog?

L.G.:  Oh, my buddy Satan's a dog.

Adam:  What?  Really?

L.G.:  Yeah,   Satan's a dog.

sound of barking, then
growling and snapping
He's a bit tempermental, but he's a dog.
Man's best friend, you know.

Adam:  Well, the Bible says Satan's a serpent.

L.G.:  A what?

Adam:  A serpant.  A snake.  It's the same thing.  I just 
made up that other word for snake.  
Sounds good, doesn't it?

Eve and L.G.:  What was wrong with "snake"?

Adam:  Nothing!  Snake's a fine word!  But,
if you want to write poetry,
serpant would sound better.

Eve:  Oh, Lord, he's driving me crazy.

L.G.:  Lord.  I like that name too.

Eve:  I mean, first it's a snake, then
he gets all poetic on us
and it's a serpant.  Next
thing you know, he'll say
Oh, and that big black one over there
is a"python,"
and that spotted one
is "boa,"
that beautiful brown and black one
is a "viper" . . . . 

Adam:  Eve, those are really nice words!  Can I use them?

Eve:  But I say:  they're all snakes!  Just snakes!
And I also say that the only snake
in this scenario is the one
that's hanging between
his legs.

L.G.:  Where?

Eve:  That thing hanging between his legs!  Adam, move your leaf.

L.G.:  Oh, that thing.

Eve:  yeah, that thing.  I can't help but notice:
you don't have one.

L.G.:  I don't need one.   You only need one of those
when you have to reproduce.

Eve:  Really?

Adam:  What are you guys talking about?

Eve and L.G.:  Don't call us "guys."

Eve:  And why is your noodle growing, Adam?  
I'm not bending over.

sound of rustling grasses

Adam  distracted  What?

Eve:  turning  Lillith?  What are you doing 
back there?

Lillith:  Oh, just picking some of these pretty red berries. 

Eve:  Lillith!  Stand up, get ouf of here, 
this is MY side of the garden!

Adam:  It's just your cousin. . . . 

Eve:  I know precisely who Lillith is!!!  

Adam  whispering to the L.G.:  What's her problem?

L.G.:  Her problem is this:
You both ate the apple,
my favorite fruit
And at the instant you ate it,
she saw it
you saw it:
and you both recognized it.
Eve, what you didn't know before
because you didn't have to know
before apple 
(let's call that "B.A." for short,)
B.A. you didn 't know he was
walking around with that thing
in his hand
all the time.
If it wasn't in his hand, he had it
stuck in a tree
or a sheep
or whatever
it kind of has a mind all its own.
That doesn't make it right,
but the poor guy is stuck to it,
and sometimes that thing's brain
takes over.
he had it in you 
a lot
because you are
his other half,
the thing I made
from his rib.
And I have to say,
I did a good job with you.
You look just like me!
I didn't get it quite right the first time,
but the second time was a charm!

 Adam:  What?

L.G. and Eve:  Never mind.

L.G.:  Anyway, that's why
I didn't want you 
to eat the apple 
because it's the fruit
of knowledge, a gift 
that only I 
can bare sanely because
I don't care.
I don't care
what he's got in his hand,
or what happens
when someone else 
bends over.
Because I know
I know 
that in the long run
it just doesn't matter.

I can't know and not care
because I'm eternal; I
don't have to reproduce,
but you do.  Because
that was the only way
I could build you.

Anybody who has had the patience
to read this blog knows
the essential truth 
and problem of creation:
Eternity, the All, the Lord
cannot reproduce itself 
in its totality
because All
is only always All, 
So in order to reproduce myself
I had
to produce my parts,
of which you two
Adam and Eve
are very important parts of me,
and this beautiful 
is a reproduction of what I need
to sustain myself.

And Lillith is me, too
as is her rib-mate, Ted. . . 

Adam and Eve:  Ted?  His name is Ted?

L.G.:  Yeah.

Adam and Eve:  Why Ted?

L.G.:  He liked the sound of it.  I told him
the same thing I told you, Adam:
"what you say, goes"
and he named everything, 
but he just has different names for everything.

Adam: sounding hurt You told Ted that too?

L.G.:  Yeah.  Why not?

Adam:  I think Ted and I better talk.

L.G.:  Maybe.  Especially given the mess
you two made of it all.  I mean,
you've messed up for everybody.

Adam and Eve:  We two?

L.G.:  Yeah, you two.  You broke the rule,
so now everybody has to suffer.

Adam:  Well, if you hadn't 
put all that weed all around the tree,we wouldn't have smoked it and then
eaten that lovely red, crunchy fruit.
You should have told us not to smoke that.

L.G.:   But I couldn't, because
you need to smoke it, in order
to keep from killing each other.
I put it there, because
I like to smoke it and then eat apples.
The crunch is so delightful 
when you have a little buzz on.
And I told you not to smoke so much
because you can't handle it!

Adam:  My God!  I forgot!

L.G.:  Don't use my name in vain!   I told you I knew what 
would happen, and I told you not to eat, and you did!

Adam:  Eve!  Don't go away!  I need help here!
where are you going?

Eve:  To get some of those berries over there. . . 

rustling . . . 

Adam:  to L.G.:   So are you telling me 
that you can't put it back to the
way it was with me walking 
around with my thingee in my hand
all the time, and with her not caring?
You're God!  You  should be able
to do that!

L.G.:  Sorry.  The problem is: you have enough
of me in you that once the process starts,
I can't stop it. . . .
You're on your way.  
You're going to really start evolving now,
inventing fire,
and wheels,
and books,
and guns,
and fishing rods,
and trains, and clocks, and
and radios and cars
and submarines
and rockets and 
and the internet, eventually,
and you're going to ultimately
to reproduce me,
the creative force,
the replicating power,
the All, the Timeless, the Eternal, and
. . .

Adam:  Eve?  Where are you?

L.G.:  And, ultimatley, you'll get pretty close,
and then
we'll have a tangle, you and I, 
like two jealous brothers

Adam:  Oh, look, there's my cousin Bruce,
over by the tree.  Lord. . . . I'll tell him not to eat
the apple. . . . will that make it good between us?  
Eh, Lord, Buddy?

L.G.:  Don't call me Buddy.  I'm Your God.
Your Creator.
And don't you ever forget it.

Adam:  Hey Bruce!  Don't eat that! 
You'll have trouble!
And hey, buddy, put a leaf on that thing,
it's getting pretty big. . . 

 L.G.:  whispering  This is going to get ugly.

Adam:  Bruce. . . . what are you looking at?  Bruce?  

rustle rustle

Eve!  Stop picking those berries!  Stand up!  And Bruce,
you stay away from her!
I'm going to kill you . . . . 
She's MY rib-mate. . . go find your own

more rapid rustling, sounds of slapping,
Adam and Bruce grunting,
and saying "ouch!"  "Ouch!"
"you Asshole!  Ouch!" 


A Deep Sigh,
as deep as the darkest night
and as long and lush
as a thousand thousand thousand
long grassy grasses 
swaying in a sea breeze

L.G.:  I'm getting out of here.  It's going to get
(more sounds of slapping, and swearing. 
New words are being invented
by the second)
and no matter
what I say, they won't listen. . . . Oh. . . . 
I'll try to give them some rules,
in another few hundred, or
or so.
They just won't listen to me at all,
not now.  
I know that. 

"ouch!  Stop it!"  branches breaking,
pans clattering, general 
confusion, then pause

Adam:  Eve?  Eve?  Where are you going?

Eve:  Hey, Teddy, what are you wearing?  Oh, I like it
in that color. . . 

Adam,  OK, that's it, Eve.  You come back over here,
or I'm going with Lillith.

Eve:  Oh, no you don't!  Don't you dare!

L.G.:  Yep, I was afraid something like this would happen
 . . . it's going to take a long time. . . .
a long time. .. . .
I guess I'll just go sit
in this galaxy over here and
for awhile.  I might even have to
look away
sometimes, because
I'm afraid it's going to get
really bad.
But every now and then,
I'll send a messenger,
someone to give them a clue
on how to get along.
And mostly,
I'm afraid,
they won't listten.

Brush of air,
crash of lightening,
  smash of thunder
and then a sudden
downpour of rain

Eve:  Now, Adam, what are you doing over there with Bruce?
OK, That's it.  Ted!  Let's get out of here.

Adam:  Eve!  Eve!  If you do that, 
I'm going to
cover you, from head to foot,
with leaves!
I'll cover your face, too!
You can't leave!
You're my rib-mate!
Rustle. . . . Rustle  . . . .

Adam:  Where's Lillith?
the end


woof!  woof!

L.G.:  Satan!  Satan!!
Here, boy, Satan

barking and scurrying that disappears into the distance

L.G.:  Oh, the hell with him. 
He can stay here.  I'll just go
over here. . . . alone

pause. . . 

and wait. . . 


for someone to call me
on the phone.