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Place of Refuge

08 August 2010

The Logic of The Language of the Mind of Human-Kind, Part One


"I can be like this and drive a car!"

"I can drive a car and be like this!"

These two
grammatical shifts

(patterns that are,
by the way,
fairly typical of the dyslexic reader)

shows the bipolar thinking
that occurs inside our brains
at all times.

While one side of our mind thinks:
"I can be like this and drive a car!"

the other side simultaneously thinks:
"I can drive a car and be like this!"

but, depending upon our driving abilities,
and because of the nature of our language,
we can put the emphasis on only one element of the sentence,
so we choose the element that amazes us most
to emphasize.
The difference between those two sentences
is a matter of emphasis.

in English,
the first clause contains the idea that amazes us most.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 

For English speakers 
and many people
in the Western World,
the first clause in a sentence
is the clause on the left,
Whether it's subordinate
or not, it is the 
favored  clause;
the topic that we put
in the first clause
is the most marvelous in that equation, while the one
we put in the second
is the one we take for granted. 

This is because,
in the Western World,
our thinking favors
the left side of the brain,
which means
the right eye leads, like
a leading dancer in a dance;
the right eye leads best
when it leads from
left to right.

Remember that equation, if you can.

(braintraining - please follow the link to see why I chose this image!)

Western Society,
for as long as we can remember,
has been a paternalitstic society --
we are being led by the left
side of our brain.)

We are being led by the left side 
of our brain because

Adam -
not Eve -
that's right,
plucked that goddamned apple
          and ate it
               even though
         God said
"don't do it."

OK, so
this seems like an extraordinary leap,
both of faith and of logic,
let's go ahead and imagine
the inverse of the story we've always been told:
God said:
"Don't Do It"
echoed "don't do it,"
because she
respected her father 
(ie: she was a daddy's girl)
But Adam
                         -- oh that naughty boy --
did it because he was kind of
impulsive and goofy, not to mention way too proud,
when that nasty snake told
him that the apple would make him
as great as God.

He knew that was not true,
because while he was part of a perfect creation, it was obvious that he was only 
half of God -- that's right --
don't forget that First Chick,
she's the other half, and
hot damn 
(Adam, the First Dude
thought when his eyes were suddenly opened by that nasty apple.
At that moment he became
the First Dude, and Eve became
the First Chick.
And he, in his insecurity brought on
by the fact he thought he was
supposed to be
a perfect entity unto himself,
she may be better than he
she can actually reproduce a human life,
while all he can do
insert his little knob and squeeze.

that may sound crude but
imagine that that
was the thought that went through
Adam's Insecure Brain
at the moment of the Fall,
when he thought he could
Disobey God
and get away with it:
The Half of God
that we call Adam
first made the horrific mistake
of doing the thing that the Half of God
that we call Eve
knew we shouldn't do:
we shouldn't eat the apple
the Entity That Created Us
said so.
And then,
in his insecurity over some of the truths that were revealed,
he opted to

A little background:

So at the beginning of it all,
God said:
I want to see myself and in order for him
to see herself,
they had to divide themselves -
male and female -
in order to produce
and reproduce
the world
that we are in 
the world that we are in
is the inverse of
God. See other
entries by me about 

Part of dividing himself in half then involved
creating a creation
that was also divided in half
to reflect this new
impression of God himself,
who is everything,
but is also divided
in half.


Now, honestly, if you're still with me, I commend you because
this all started with a 
seemingly unrelated
sentence and its inversion:

"I can be like this and drive a car!"

"I can drive a car and be like this!"

If God were in 
a situation
where this thought applied,
S/he would think
both these thoughts
at the same time,
the exact time,
and they
would cancel each other out,
God can get a little tipsy
and drive a car
and no one would get hurt,
or we'd all get hurt
but no one would care.

'nuff said about
God itself.

But once God decided  to create,
he had to create
Another He, but
He can't be a He; he has to be
a shade different:=
A She.

In order to create 
another self
(if the Self, in the Case of God,
is ALL)
God had to break herself; it's
just that simple:
in half


And the logic of the language
of the two halves of the Mind of God
might be summarized best
 in those two sentences I started with.

I Can Be                    I Can Drive
Like This                           A Car
And Drive                        And Be
A Car                              Like This

The Left Side came to dominate
the Male Mind
in the Western World
Because the Western Male Mind
understands, inherently
how to drive a car,
not to mention,
how to fix one.

The Right Side is
the Female Mind
in the Western World
Because the Female Mind
is naturally capable of thinking a bunch of related thoughts
at roughly the same time,
and being kind of artsy.
Unfortunately, this makes her appear
a bit scatterbrained
and only minimally

Now, I know that's an absolutely horrible
but for what I'm trying to say,
one has to accept some generalizations,
some stereotypes that,
prove themselves to be true.

This does, however, raise
the issue of sexual politics:
For the past
the First Dude
seized the moment
controlled the story,
so, when confronted, he told the story the way
most men would tell
the story:
he blamed it on the First Chick.
For the past
men controlled language because man collectively knew
that language
was the magic tool
God gave Humans 
to fix the mess He got us into when
She decided that 
He wanted to see Herself.

Language and Mind
were the gift God gave
his multitudinous manifestations
so we could bridge the gap produced
by the universe God created
to reflect his divided, unified

Man knew that,
took control of language,
told the story,
and made Woman
the guilty party.

all the traits of Man
became the more respected ones
(including logic, science, and driving a car)
while the traits associated with
became ridiculed.

a little laughing gas
generally would make
even the manliest man
a little womanly, and
when he's acting that way
he can do something downright genius
because he has the correct
balance of creativity and logic

A key problem, though,
is: it's getting harder and harder
to make that generalization:
sometimes women are capable of thinking
"I can do this and drive a car"
and sometimes men think
"I can drive a car and do this!"

The men who think
"I can drive a car and do this!" get into a hell of a lot of accidents,
because they keep driving
a car
and doing that,
even when it's not wise for them
to drive a car.
This is because those men
whose minds are wired a little more like a woman's (poor things)
believe, quite gullibly,
that all men by nature
can drive a car,
when, in fact,
that isn't true.
They believe it because
they read it in a book written by
some silly Dude who thought
that the art of driving a car
is second nature to 
everyone who wanted to drive a car,
and all people who would want to drive a car
are guys.
And he was wrong.

In fact, it was another way entirely:
It didn't matter who ate the apple.
What mattered was that 
they broke
a law,
the law given by God,
a simple, stupid, random law,
that He gave because
He had to;
and then they tried to cover it up
with a fucking leaf,
as if God wouldn't know
what that all meant . .  ..
(if you dare, read on.  .  . )

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