Place of Refuge

Place of Refuge

18 August 2010

Happy Birthday 19th Amendment

I've avoided this blog for a few days,
hoping I'd be inspired to write
something funny.

I know my entries can be
so damned serious,
and perhaps even
difficult and dull.

And I don't mean to be so---
well, I don't know.
Sorry about that.


Then I realized what today is:
the Anniversary of the 90th Amendment
of the United States Constitution,
the amendment that gave women
the right to vote in the USA.

Well, let me tell you,
in the larger scheme of things,
that happened just yesterday.
(Don't forget, Makropoulos is
424 years old,
or thereabouts.
(It's been so long, 
I kind of lose count)
And when you've been around that long,
90 years isn't really 
all that long.)

90 years can embrace up to four generations in
any given family,
sometimes more.

I know that in my own current
the women I claim as my grandmothers
were born before
indeed, they were both young women by 1920;
one was trying to start her own cosmetics company,
the other was driving her own car,
so I imagine they both might have been
quite involved in
the fight.

Actually, now that I think of it:
in Seneca Falls, NY
around 1998,
at an event that I think was the 150th anniversary of

Hillary Clinton was there, too.
I actually have some problems with Hillary,
but on that day she gave a good speech,
and reminded all the women and men present
to not squander that right 
that our ancestors worked so hard to gain for us.

We should really never forget that.

(Elizabeth Cady Stanton & Susan B. Anthony)

(Lucretia Mott - from same source as above, the Library of Congress)

Alice Paul
(same source as first graphic)

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