Place of Refuge

Place of Refuge

23 August 2010

. . . . on channelling . . . .

OK, so it's true:
some of the entries on this blog
are channeled
(for lack of a better word)
and some are not.

(Keep in mind,
as you read these words
that Makropoulos is
424 years old --- soon
to celebrate her birthday, too, in fact --
and she receives messages
from the heavens
about the next coming of Jesus
in her sleep.

who is me
could be just a fictional character,
and could be
if you believe that the messages 
I've received
could be real,


if you prefer to treat them
as fictional
which is sometimes the safest way to treat them,
then also treat as fictional

the fact that on some occasions

I empty my mind of all my social
I erase the rather erasable woman
I have been in this lifetime

and receive messages.)

Cool, eh?

This is something that I don't fess up to
all the time,
and definitely not at cocktail parties
or business meetings
or family reunions.

But let me tell you a little about this channelling
that Markopoulos

it requires that I give my body
and my mind
so totally to the voice inside
that guides my fingers
or my pen,
that has something
so urgent to say.

That voice has very little regard
for the body it occupies 
because it knows
that body is just a vehicle
an avatar, if you will
that carries this brain
and this heart
and this soul
and gives them the physical stimuli they need
to make sense
of this physical world
at this plane of its evolution.

It's all pretty damned complicated, but 
as humble pie.

When I'm channelling, the words
come from my higher selves, and
they're kind of interesting to me
and maybe kind of relevant
to what the hell is going on
right now,
and they appear to agree
and coincid with what others
like me
are saying right now:


There's a big change coming
on, and we have to be ready
for it.
The signs are present
everywhere; we
simply have to read them.

In some of my entries, too, I'm reading the signs: 
you see, when I'm not channelling, I'm
with this painfully logical brain
I was born with.
Far too logical, in fact,
for any woman to be burdened with.

Please note:
I'm not done.
I still have plenty to say.

~ ~ ~

I'm telling you this, 
so you know
(if you dare to dabble in this dubious blog)
that not all my entries are channellings
for the simple reason that
it's very tiring,
and sometimes even dangerous 
to channel,

and sometimes

Life, The World and Everything
(aka: my job and family and friends)
demands me to put my creative energy there.
On those days, I post
cat videos
because cats are always true to themselves.

We have to fact it:
cats are the most superior beings on the planet.

We're just the monkeys.

So anyway,
I realize some of my patient readers
(and I do thank you, patient readers)
may only  want to read
the channellings.

For that reason, I've marked all of them with the keyword
so you can focus just on those if you so desire.

Some of the other entries are 
they're written with
a great influence of channelling, but 
intended to explain
some aspect of a previous channelling --
in other words, they are meager attempts
to put the jumble into "layman's terms"

If you recognize the patterns of 
often-used keywords,
you'll see where those are.

The others are general interest.
My general interest,
at that.
And I'm kind of odd,
a little spooky,
and quite spiritual,
if you haven't noticed
by now.

Thanks for reading.

( sprott )       

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