Place of Refuge

Place of Refuge

16 January 2013

Unlucky, 1 - 11 - 13

Lordy, Lordy,

I hope this doesn't establish a pattern for the year:

Luckily, we learned with 12 21 12
that numbers and their significance
may or may not 
be something to get our knickers in a twist about.

So I'll try not to take this idea that an entire year
numbered 13
could be bad luck,
bad stuff is happening, 
forcing people
to either stick their fingers in their ears and pretend it's not relevant
or twist the facts to suit their needs

or to look for a real answer.

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Well, I don't mean to make too strong of a parallel
between the suicide of a brilliant man
and controlling guns,
though there is something to be said 
for the fact that yes, I think Aaron Schwartz was chastised
for being too smart.
And sadly, we live in a country where 
being smart is not to be trusted.
And in that same country,
being armed is valued.

For some reason, the idea of anti-intellectual folks
armed with guns
makes me (a college teacher)
really frightened.

I'm going to have a lot more to say about Aaron Schwartz's death,
I think,
but for now I'll say:
something like this was bound to happen.

Aaron Schwartz may have understood,
innately, and early,
that ownership of texts 
is an archaic value.

Knowledge is to be shared,
and if we want to create an intelligent public,
we have to get it out there.

Aaron Schwartz knew that.

May he Rest In Peace.

10 January 2013

Love Poem For Today

(from: senior hiker )

My grandmother always said
the honeymoon's over
when you fart in bed,

and then the test of true love starts,
a love that sometimes ignores the heart
and demands a patience greater than
that of the wisest fisherman.

 you and I are growing old
and seek a fairy tale more real
where companionship is the moral
and star-struck ever-afters, vile,
and bed a place to sleep,
to caress,
to talk and cry
to die.

I'll lie by your side,
my gentle prince
and forgive fragrant emissions.
They mark a life
well lived, and full
of wisdom and
Of pain and disappointment too,
and respect for every hour,
and the worship
of the sacred
in a budding flower.

This love I welcome:
well worn,
but always new,

and pray I give the same
to you.

(photo by me)

06 January 2013

Diva For Today: Jill Bolte Taylor

Happy New Year, all.

I keep slipping in and out of blogland,
and this doesn't make me happy.

If I'm not blogging, that means I'm over extended somewhere else.

Not a good thing.

Today, I heard this TED talk, and it blew me away.
This woman is a diva, and what she's talking about
could change the world,
if we dare let it.

I also tend to think that what she's talking about is what is wrong with the world:
we're too left brained,
overburdened too with being linear and logical.

So we short circuit.

Listen to what this wonderful woman,
and hear her solution: