Place of Refuge

Place of Refuge

29 April 2011


Did you watch it?

Did you get up at whatever
ungodly hour
and watch that wedding?
I didn't; I slept
right through it.

I've seen far too many
"royal" weddings
to be impressed.  I know
too well
the pain that even,
and perhaps especially,
"royals" impose upon 
each other.

Marriage truly is
a sacrament;
it truly should be blessed
and reserved
for the sacred few
who feel the highest form of love,
that form of love that can endure
every possible hardship and disappointment.

Marriage should be outlawed
in cases wherein the couples
are together out of
or whatever other lurid
motivation hidden
behind most marriage vows.

Ultimately, then,
it would seem
marriage is only for
the elder,
the more experienced,
or the weak-in-the-head;
so rarely do
young people who
wed have that type of love.

But then I watched
The Wedding
about ten hours
after the fact;
I knew I would see it
again and again, and
every Blogger would have something to say about it.

My something to say about it
would be the entry that comes after this.


I always hope for


especially when it comes to love,
especially when it comes to honesty.

And when I saw Kate & William
tonight, I was touched,
and I thought,
and I wonder:

Could they be the 
for our current age


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Debra She Who Seeks said...

Well, ya gotta have hope for the poor buggers.