Place of Refuge

Place of Refuge

12 July 2011

Birdsong From Inside The Egg, by Jal al-Din Rumi

Sometimes a lover of God may faint
in the presence.  Then the beloved bends
and whispers in his ear, "Beggar, spread out
your robe.  I'll fill it with gold.

I've come to protect your consciousness.
Where has it gone?  Come back into awareness!"

This fainting is because
lovers want so much.

A chicken invites a camel into her henhouse,
and the whole structure is demolished.

A rabbit nestles down
with its eyes closed
in the arms of a lion.

There is an excess
in spiritual searching
that is profound ignorance.

Let the ignorance be our teacher!
The Friend breathes into one
who has no breath.

A deep silence revives the listening
and the speaking of those two 
who meet on the riverbank.

Like the ground turning green in a spring wind.
Like birdsong beginning inside the egg.

Like this universe coming into existence,
the lover wakes, and whirls
in a dancing joy,

then kneels down
in praise.


(also from Rowdyblue )


Debra She Who Seeks said...

Nobody says it like Rumi!

Billy Joe said...

Love this. Thanks for posting. I hope you don't mind if I post it on my facebook. So much to yet experience in this poem. I could read it to the end of time.


Makropoulos said...

glad you both liked it, and I'm honored, Billy, that you posted it on FB!