Place of Refuge

Place of Refuge

19 August 2010

Here Piggie Piggie, I mean Kitty Kitty

I know I know I know already.

If you pay any attention to my

Other Blog,

I posted this there today too.

Am I being lazy?

Or just really overworked this week?

Call me whatever,
but I just think this is fabulous:

Somewhere in Thailand, a zoo is having a pig
help raise the baby tigers.

Just a week or so ago, 
on this blog,
I wrote an entry about
in which I contemplated
a little bit.

I'm beginning to think pigs
are quite sacred,
kinda smart,
and as recent genome testing has proven,
maybe more kin
than din-

Anyway,  I am way too tired and busy to do any channeling 
or deep thinking
over the past few days,
but I do love this story.  
Please follow this link
for more info:

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