Place of Refuge

Place of Refuge

27 June 2010

Build Your Bunker

I've talked about 2012 before,
a little bit,

I am intrigued by the increasing contemplations
by the way,
when you write it that way,
is a double palindrome.

I also sense
that something is happening,
and sometimes,
well, heck, often
I wonder
if it has anything to do with
that Grid message I received.

Today, I saw 

(You have to follow the link below to be able to get the
interactive demo.)

This is posted on a website

which promises

"Client Confidentiality
Covert Construction
Clandestine Contracting"

all to help you as you plan
where you want to be
on the Winter Equinox, 2012.

The picture above is
one example of
a structure
designed to protect you
". . .  conventional weapons, 
forced entry, 
chemical, biological, radiological and explosive (CBRE) weapons, 
2012 mitigations, 
Climate Change 
and any type of Apocalypse or World Ending Scenario."

I'll tell ya:

talk about a great industry to get into
if you want to make money fast.

And doesn't this overlook
one of the essential purposes
and effects
of "Apocalypse or World Ending Scenarios"?

Consider the scene
The Book of Revelation,
Chapter 7:

9 After this I beheld, and, lo, a great multitude, which no man could number, of all nations, and kindreds, and people, and tongues, stood before the throne, and before the Lamb, clothed with white robes, and palms in their hands;

10 And cried with a loud voice, saying, Salvation to our God which sitteth upon the throne, and unto the Lamb.

11 And all the angels stood round about the throne, and about the elders and the four beasts, and fell before the throne on their faces, and worshipped God,

12 Saying, Amen: Blessing, and glory, and wisdom, and thanksgiving, and honour, and power, and might, be unto our God for ever and ever. Amen.

13 And one of the elders answered, saying unto me, What are these which are arrayed in white robes? and whence came they?

14 And I said unto him, Sir, thou knowest. And he said to me, These are they which came out of great tribulation, and have washed their robes, and made them white in the blood of the Lamb.

15 Therefore are they before the throne of God, and serve him day and night in his temple: and he that sitteth on the throne shall dwell among them.

16 They shall hunger no more, neither thirst any more; neither shall the sun light on them, nor any heat.

17 For the Lamb which is in the midst of the throne shall feed them, and shall lead them unto living fountains of waters: and God shall wipe away all tears from their eyes.

Well, let me tell you,
I know this is supposed to refer
to the gathering of the select,
the Tribes of Israel,
and maybe I'm not going to be
part of it;
maybe I will be part of it,
and I just don't know it right now.

However you look at it,
if there is to be some
rather glorious encounter
between the Saved
and the Lord
on that date,
do you really want to be stowed away
in a sealed bunker
while that little gathering is going on?

I mean, really,
talk about being
left behind.

for one
would rather
the light of day
hide from it
on such a day.

I really don't have much more to say about that.
I really intended to write about 
something else today,
but that caught my eye,
and I just couldn't ignore it.

If, by the way, you've been looking
for a company to build you a building
like that,
I'm really glad I could help you.

25 June 2010

Grids, Maps & Second Life

The idea of 
The Grid
is a recurrent theme in this blog,
and this is because of a message
that I received about six years ago,
while I was sleeping. 
I've had trouble 

ignoring that message ever since.
It went like this:
"Jesus will come as the Scholar in the Four Days of the Grid"
Yeah, that was the message.  
I detail the circumstances 
of its delivery
in earlier entries (especially here), so I'm not going to do that here.
At this point,
you can either decide
that this Makropoulos chick is just a little too nuts for you,
and move on to the next blog.
If you do, thanks for stopping by!
But the message may linger in your mind,
as it has in mine.
In fact, many of my entries here
fixate, either directly or remotely
on the challenge of untangling that message,
word for word,
and that's what this entry will do again,
with special attention
to the idea of The Grid

The reason I'm thinking about Grids is because, last week, 
I dared to take a stroll in the world of Second Life.

As aggravating as I found Second Life to be, I also think 
its theory and potential are fascinating, and this
allure has been enhanced as I've come to understand,
this week, that the basis of all creation in Second Life


grids are the scaffolding upon which 
almost all acts of artistic representation and creation
are built.  How many of you learned to draw a person 
like this:


The other day, I was looking at some pictures of very early maps,
and I thought to myself: well look at that, we've been using 
grids for a heck of a long time to draw maps, as well:

(Yu Ji Tu Map of the tracks of Yu Gong, 1137 -
wikipedia on cartography )

( Tabula Rogeriana  by Muhammed al-Idrisi (1154) )

( 15th Century depiction of

In fact, it was Ptolemy who, back in 2 A.D., came up with this
still very useful notion of latitude and longitude, and what is that but an
acknowledgement that we can perceive of the world by imagining it
as being embraced by a giant grid.  Ptolemy, by the way, knew that
the world was round (and still is).
It was actually some of the navel-gazing generations that followed him
that sort of lost sight of that fact.

So essentially, Ptolemy, in developing 
those elegant "l"s (latitude & longitude), developed an 
intellectual technology
to help in both perceiving and reproducing
an entity.
That intellectual technology works in conjunction
with the imagination to help us extend
the limited scope of our eyes.


Forty years ago,  the city I was living in
was available,
in book form,
and each page of that book
focused on one section
of a grid in the map of my city.

I loved that book;
I would look at those different pages
for hours on end,
memorizing the streets 
in my neighborhood,
then turning the page to see
how they changed in the next neighborhood.
I learned my city that way.

In our lives, we can live in
one square of a grid
and get to know it very well

or we can get to know it
well enough,
and move to another square,
and ultimately
(and ideally)
look for the points of
between the squares.

This is how we get the bigger picture.

rely on grids to help represent 
the experience of hovering 
over and seeing
those interconnections:

The problem with maps like these is that
they exist on one dimension.
Map makers over time
have attempted to add
a second dimension
with drawings that indicated
either elevations in the land
or human monuments:

( pictoralmaps )

They still relied on grids!

Perhaps the most
significant artistic development
in extending our perception of grids
while also refining our ability
to reproduce reality accurately
was the development of
perspective drawing, and the concept of the
vanishing point

Fundamentally, the vanishing point
is the artistic expression
of the limitations of
a single glance.

Think about it this way:
it's as if the bird hovering over the one dimensional map
landed on one of those roads, and looked
down its length;
the vanishing point is the place where
the road disappears
on the horizon.

As the Wikipedia article I link to above explains,
you can suggest  a bit more complexity with
two-point perspective
(ie: with imagining there are two points
on the horizon, in two different places
where the line disappears.)

and produce depth with
three-point perspective:

(I must credit Wikipedia for these drawings;
please follow the link above for more details.)

~ ~ ~

Notably, when we get into the realm
of the three dimensions,
it's as if we're taking that flat,
one dimensional
map impression
and lifting it up,
adding grid upon grid above it
and acknowledging that those grids
extend in a limitless fashion
beyond the range of our vision;

we're using the
multiple grid layers
to provide
a scaffolding
for creating
a multi-dimensioned

This is ultimately
the logic
of the Second Life Grid.

Now what on God's earth,
I suspect you're wondering,
is she going to do with this?

Why has she gone through
this rather elaborate contemplation
on grids, representation and maps?

Well, I'll tell ya' -
I do this partly because it kind of
amuses me.
I love to take an idea and tease it out
and see where it might take me.

But also,
there is this matter of the
and the Four Days of the Grid

The only part of this message that I'm a little blurry on
is the word "days."  I am certain the voice said
"days," but I interpreted it as "age"
because "days" didn't make sense to me.
At that time.
More on that later.

But in any event, there is the number 4,
and the idea of the Grid,
and to me this suggests
stages of development
in the Grid
and in the technology
it has produced.

Whether we like it or not,
we live in
The Age of The Grid
right now.

I have contemplated elsewhere
how the Grid Ages
could very well have to do with
the various Ages of Artistic representation;

Second Life ups the ante on that idea.
Because Second Life
is a domain where humans have used the technology of the grid
to produce another living space,
a virtual living space
that we can traverse,
and actually, if we so desire,
create a better life than the one we have.

We could perhaps
correct the mistakes that we made on this domain
or fight the wars that would be better if fought
in a virtual domain.

Could Jesus come
in Second Life?
Or perhaps
Second Life?
now that would be unexpected,
wouldn't it?

I guess it all comes down
to how you define

22 June 2010

No, Well, Probably Three


now in the last entry, 
I contemplated how a given channelling body
can channel more than one personality,
probably three,
maybe more.

I know I have at least three who are 
pretty damned strong.

Are any of them me?

(insert my name as it is known on this earthly plane, which,
quite frankly, 
just isn't that important.)

Not a single damned one of them can claim that name.

They are all other spirits
working through my
earthly avatar
and the difference
between me
and you
is that I acknowledge
that not one single aspect
of the combination of forces
that exist within me 
is dominant:
they are all equal,
and their primary job
on earth is to find a way
whereby they can function 
as equals.

The only way is by using the mind,
that tool in our Avatar
that we were given,
which has the power
to balance our disparate differences.

I mean, honestly, why not?

It seems the most economical way to do it, after all.

Imagine all the fragmented,
personalities that resulted
from the shattering of the glass
at the beginning of time

-- that nasty old reflecting surface, that mirror --
(to understand this more, please see my earlier entries on the mirror
and palindromes)

We've gone through time
piecing them together,
trying to find the perfect balance --

(each couple, indeed, could be channeling
up to at least eight personalities,
maybe more,
that have to be absolutely in harmony
in order for the couple
to be happy.)
I'm going back to non-italics:
if you can,
read these sections first,
then go back to the italics,
because that's how my mind works:

So, imagine this:
our bodies are avatars =
containers that carry
the multiple dimensions
of the aspect
of God
which is perfect.

It's funny, because
in the movie 
there was only one 
don't you think that,
given the expense of the technology,
and given
the rise in group think
in our society 
even Americans would see the logic
of putting more than one personality 
into on avatar --

that's right:
if the USofA
developed the technology
of the avatar and decided
(as in the movie)
to get to know
another nation or creation,
you'd be damned sure you wouldn't get
an avatar to yourself:
it's neither cost conscious, 
nor effective.

Indeed, folks working
in avatars
would have to learn to work together,
in small groups
wherein the personalities all
have different,
That would make maximum use of the technology.

 . . . . . 
I mean, seriously,
how many space flights had 
only one man on board?

And for the ones that did only have one man,
did they get very far?

This is not to say that we don't need those rebels,
those daredevils who dare
to go first,
but when it comes right down to getting bigger jobs done,
yes, even America has come to realize
you need more than one.

I'm not being a communist:
just look at it; 
we - the USofA - are very clearly promoting
the group:

 (Google meeting pods designed after Antarctic expedition igloos
found at:

in-class presentations,
working environments,
everything ----is moving
towards privileging
groups over individuals
so why do we get so upset
over the idea of
a government that acknowledges
that the health of the group
is at least as important as the health
of the individual?


Or a government style that feels that
promoting collective solutions
can be more productive than
individual solutions?

I went off track to point out that,
one of the primary flaws in 
the logic of the American system is that
it places far too much importance
on the individual, even as it is
acknowledging, more and more
that the best solutions are
collective solutions.
Very rarely do we experience
 a genius, 
and I'm about to propose an explanation
as to why that so rarely happens:

So imagine this:
Imagine that when we are not in our bodies,
we are in another form -
a spiritual form,
that is nearly perfect,
except for the fact that it
was kind of broken
at the beginning of time.

That's right,
the entity we embody 
when we are not in our bodies
is not God;
it is the representation of God
and it was created
at the beginning of time, 
it was kind of broken,
by God, who (if you remember
my earlier entries, on the Creation,
etc. . . .follow the key words)
in a moment of weakness,
had the crazy idea
that He wanted
to create something that was exactly
the same
as Him.

That's right:
why the hell did God
want to create something in his own likeness
If he was everything?

I mean:
seriously, folks,
if God is everything
he has no fucking reason
to want to create
beyond himself.

come on!
Let's be serious, 

but he did

And the reason why God felt the desire
to see himself,
was because:
He is Everything.
And part of everything is:

So at the moment when God experienced
a preponderance of Desire,
(because God, being God, goes in cycles,
trying out the various aspects
of everything
at regular intervals)
He produced Us.
So He could look at Us.
Because we are all
part of Him.
We, combined,
are the mirror image
of God,
which -
don't forget 
- is Everything.

Humankind is the
ongoing experimen
to reproduce
the perfect mix
that is God
so we can get back to the task
of reflecting God's greatness
back to God;
we can get back to the task of being God.

So each human entity
is a combination
of the parts of Him,
but only a limited combination

each one of us is limited
in  the qualities we can hold
because we're holding our qualities
in physical containers,
and the physical
is not infinite.

So please read my entries on tikkun, Kabbalah, and Creation --
I can't explain again everything in them.

imagine this:

at the moment of creation
God broke the mirror,
or whatever the object was
that He intended to view himself in
because, shit,
that mirror had the task of 
any created substance
does not match the power
of Everything.

So the mirror broke,
into bits and pieces
that got named at that moment
of creation;
humans are part of that
and our task ever since then
has been:

to put it back together again;
to reproduce
the perfect
of all the elements
and rejoin
which is everything,
This is a problem
and a challenge,
the inherent aspect
of all life
all creation
is that it is 

In fact,
we had to gain
a more specific
sense of our selves,
our specific identities
before we could
merge again
into being

That's what the beauty of America

One of my former husbands said
that America is nothing but
a great experiment
(oh, I know he's not the first to say it)
a great attempt to 
ignore difference, but of course
that's proving to be impossible:

the biggest problem in America today
is that we just can't tolerate

But to be American,
following the original tenents
of America
is to be

America was the first step 
in the evolution of the collective mind
to combine the parts of the broken vessel
on a collective level. 

But perhaps it was too early?
No, I think not --

At the beginning of time,
when God created Man,
he produced Avatars,

recognizing that the Avatars
cannot contain just one piece
of God,
because if the Avatars
contained just one piece
of God,
they would simply sustain the problem,
the problem being
that God was not Everything
as long as Part of Everything
was Us.


The United States of America --

That place where States -
geographical boundaries
retain an individual identity
when the real essence
of the founding fathers' documents
was Union.

If the United States of America
could realize that
it is one country
that is responsible for
all  of its citizens
no matter what
their race, religion,
color, or code,
then the United States of America

be the model for the rest of the World.
But the danger, is, this:
we can't do it while also retaining
our stubborn hold on believing 
in the validity of the individual.

We literally have to lose
our Egos

and love one another

Now isn't that the craziest thing
you've ever heard in your life?

. . . . this is not the miracle.

The miracle is this:

if we suddenly,
by some 
balance of all the elements,
all our disparate parts
Fell In Love
with each other,
which means:
loving the black man
loving the white man
loving the Asian man
loving the Muslim man
loving the man who
loves the man;
the woman who loves
the woman because she sees
the woman understands, in a way
that no man can understand
because the Man Is The Mirror

In every couple, we have the reproduction
of the two halves of God -- the women
gets the horrible task of being the more powerful
creative half,
the Man, oh the sad sad Man,
has to recognize that his task
is, well, functional:
the Man is the Mirror,
the object God produced
so God Could See God--Self.

But it gets more challenging still:
if you can acknowledge the premise
that each couple reenacts the creative impulse,
the moment of desire when God wanted to see 

and if you acknowledge the idea that
the mirror broke
because it was not up to the job,
and WE are the pieces of the mirror
and OUR TASK is to use this earth
our earthly avatars
all the elements the earth gives us
in order to find
the perfect balance that brings us back to

well, hell, if you're still with me,
bless your heart,
If you can acknowledge all of that,
well, then you might see why
it is essential that all these avatars
(AKA: our bodies)
cannot just contain 
(ie: channel)
one personality

To be more efficient,
the avatars
should contain at least three, maybe
even four
of the elements of God,
and if
within that avatar
those elements find a way 
to have balance,
that avatar,
which we know as a human personality
would be said to have attained a level of self-awareness
that is genius:

genius is when, in fact, a human entity represents
a successful experiment
a successful combining
of the disparate parts
of the pieces of a mirror
that was intended to have the power
to mirror the Almighty.
If you take that the next step then,
what is Love?
Love is the capacity for one human being
who has found a sincere balance 
between the elements he/she is channeling
to absolutely forgive, desire, and respect
another individual who has done the same.

Perfect Love
is when each individual is capable of looking beyond
terrific differences

anyway --
I am channeling at least three personalities,
and one of them is most definitely
Makropoulos --
at least one other
loves the idea of Makropoulos
and wants to play along,
and another does too
but she's the personality
who, to date, has always 
been a Company Girl.
There might be
another one in there,
and I think she's a slut.

The thing is:
the other three are so
darned strong,

we're working so hard
at just getting

20 June 2010

Another Thought on Second Life

Makropoulos again.

Yeah, the real one,

not the fake one.

~ ~ ~ ~

You see, the avatar that I occupy in this life
is actually channeling at least one other personality at
the same time. No, well, probably three*

Anyway, the reason why I have trouble getting my own time
on this blog lately
is because one of the other personalities she's channeling
has this book, see.
And she really wants to publish
this book, see.
And she's working on that,
and it takes a hell of a lot of time.

I'd love it if she'd just publish the damned thing,
'cause she's getting kind of interesting in this blog,
and she ain't a bad writer, so as soon as I can get her
on board, well, this blog may rock
a little more.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

I spoke about Second Life
a day or two ago,
and all the reasons I don't like it.

Now I'm going to tell you
why I find it to be so fascinating.

I saw an episode of 
C.S.I. New York
where they were solving a murder
where the motivation,
and even the murderer, could be found
on Second Life.

Since I didn't know much
about Second Life at the time,
I thought it was
kind of cool

There was one scene,
where there was a fight
on Second Life.

Clearly, one can have a pretty wicked battle
under the disguise of
Second Life,
even get one's head cut off
a couple times,
and still walk away from it.

So I thought:
wouldn't it be cool if
nations could fight their wars
on Second Life
and live in peace
on the Planet Earth.

All the 
warriors of the world
could just have it out
in internet land
and live
maybe even peaceful
in our bodies.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

If you think about it that way,
Second Life
could be the absolute cure
of all the social ills of the earth:
we could just act out our naughtiness

But honestly,
that's just crazy:
there will always be somebody
not happy to kill another in a Second Life;
they'll want to see what it's like to do it
in the Real, First Life, as well,
and so we'd have to be prepared and ready
to deal with that, in a civil way.

(That brings us back to the question of the Fall of Man,
and Reproduction, 
and how the Fall of Man
is actually linked with the compulsion
to reproduce (ie: see one's self
as if in a mirror.)  Please
read my other entries
on those topics to get my drift. . . . )

But, you see,
people who think they have to do something
in this Real Life are actually
who recognize that this Real Life
is just
a Second Life,
and therefore,

There will always be people
like myself
not content to do it
in the Second Life,
and when those people have
murderous tendencies,
well, they're dangerous.

So anyway, 
that's why we still need
law and order
in this earthly life;
because that's
what we're here for,
to make sure we get it right
in the First Life, so we don't have to do
a Second Life.

However, let me propose:
the Second Life
can handle those times
when collectively,
a group (nation) wants to attack
another group  (nation).

Couldn't it?

If there was enough at stake
in the Second Life,
it may suit us well
as a battle field.

It would appear,
after all,
that the next few generations
are best prepared
to fight on that terrain.


19 June 2010

Who Needs A Second Life?

ok, Makropoulos is back,
and she is pissed.

Makropoulos, for those of you who don't know,
is the personality I channel
when I have time to channel.
Makropoulos is a woman who has been alive for 420 years,
or some ungodly period of time like that,
doomed to wander the earth
in a body that's say, roughly
24 years old
Though, I should tell you,
after this period of time
it's starting to show some age.

I'm back,

and I have to comment on this
Second Life

I went onto Second Life the other night--
I thought it would be a cool place to be
and perhaps it could be a cool place to be
but they wouldn't let me take that name!

So that was my first problem in Second Life --

I really dug the body I got to choose,
but I couldn't figure out how to change
my clothes.  My Second Life Self somehow got dressed in
this stupid flippy little teenaged dress
that I just wouldn't be caught dead in.

And I couldn't figure out how to change it,
but I did determine:
the options they offered me were,
well, not exactly the styles I would like to wear.

That was my Second Problem with Second Life --

and then I got stuck wandering through all these 
precontrived places, precontrived
in someone else's brain,
and not even half as interesting
as the rest of the real world really is.

I mean, honestly, gang,
I've lived in the rest of the world:
I've lived in London,
and most recently,
the United States of America,

and when you put the effect of living
in those places,
as well as travelling to many other places,
multiple times,
alongside the world of 
Second Life,
well, one of them pales,
and it isn't the planet we live on.

That's the truth.

So, that was my Third Problem with Second Life

But that also takes me to the thing
I really liked
about Second Life:
the first person I met was French.

I was being so lazy, using English - I mean,
that's been my primary language for 
over 100 years,
and when her first sentence was French,
I was at first quite surprised,
and then I realized,
that Second Life is a place
that requires
Second Languages,
not to mention
Third of Fourth
people in Second Life could be from
Second Life gets rid of those
geographical boundaries, and puts us
all together, in one
space without time and space.
Well, to say the least,
I struggled with my French.
I mean, I haven't used it for nearly
100 years.

And then I began thinking:
I'd better brush up on my German,
And my Spanish,
and my Turkish,
if I really want to get around
in Second Life.
(or even in blog life)

That is the First Good Thing,
and perhaps
about Second Life.

I was struggling with flying,
since I have a Mac,
and loving the idea of flying,
 but getting more and more frustrated
by a very essential feature of Second Life-
the avatar itself.

After I excused myself from the French
woman, who I must applaud
for struggling with English,
while I struggled with French,
(her parting statement to me 
was "kiss")

anyway, after that rather
sweet encounter, I found
myself catapulted from one
mediocre Second Life 
location to the next,
until I seemed to get stuck 
in one, where I finally
found other players who
spoke English, and one
dashing male avatar walked
up to me and said: did you see 
anyone around here?
There's some people
behind me, I said,
and he said: yeah,
I know them. But is
there anyone else?
(as if to say: I know 
them; they bore me;
I'm looking for the 
cool folks, and I said

"I don't know; I'm a stranger here myself."

And he said "yeah,
me too," then went
dashing away,
looking for someone
else, not me.

And I thought: 

crap, I could do that in my First Life.

This gets me to the Fourth Problem With Second Life,
and the Reason I Won't Do It Again, for awhile:

You see, I feel that I'm already
in an avatar. 
This body,
I live in,
is my earthly
it's the form I chose
to use for 
this stretch of time
on this earthly domain.

I have enough trouble,
and enough fun,
negotiating this earthly
why the hell would I need another?

some people may act out
their wildest fantasies,
their real self,
in the Second
World, and 
(and perhaps because)
they actually believe
this Earth
is the First World,

when in actual
Earth is the Second Life.

Second Life for me
is a Third Life
that I really don't need.
After all my time
on this Earthly Plane,
I've come to realize
that when you're damned
to eternal life on this Second Life Planet,
which I am,
you would be in torment,
if you did not always live it
as your true self.

So for me,
I am true to my fantasy self
-my real, Other self-
in this life,
 all the time,
knowing that THIS
is the Second Life.
THIS is the place
where we've been required
to get it right.
the first time,
the only time,
so when we head back
to the First Life,
the only life,
the eternal life,
we know the following things:

what it is to be good,
what it is to be bad,
and what it is to know the difference,
and what it is to say: "that's too bad" or
"that's too good."  The eternal life
that knows all these things,
is the perfect life,
and that's what I am 
striving for.

World Without End. 

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