Place of Refuge

Place of Refuge

22 January 2011

To The Breaking Point

Like a race car driver, 
like a runner, 
like a swimmer,
like a scholar,
we push
in all our pursuits
to exceed
the human made limits:
the limits of the body --
we strive to exceed the mortal, physical body,
and at the moment of
we find freedom
                 and joy,
even a glimmer
                             of immortality.

Sex is one way,
one artifical way,
but the most sacred
artificial way
to use a technology
(the technology of our bodies)
to help us
exceed ourselves;
it teaches us how, but it is
only an intermediary.

                          There is 
a route to excess
through the spirit
that is just as
as losing yourself to another person.

It is to loss
of self
--not words--
but sound

(Are you willing to give up
your rational mind?
Are you willing to just
or chant?)

Approach the sound
from the other side,
approach it
and you will find
the moment of breaking
and release

1 comment:

Debra She Who Seeks said...

Reminds me of that article I read last week that music stimulates the same pleasure centre in the brain as sex!