Place of Refuge

Place of Refuge

12 January 2011

Ditsy Day (written sometime after midnight, last night)

I've been walking  around all night,
thinking to myself:
I'm having such a Ditsy Day,
I must write a blog entry
about having a Ditsy Day.

But I've wandered around
from task to task,
what it was I was trying to get done 
in the first place, and thinking:
sometime tonight,
I should write
about having a Ditsy Day,
and putting it off,
and forgetting to do it,
then remembering,
then forgetting,
then --

I'm in bed now,
with no intent
of cranking up the laptop
and hitting the keys,
no I'll just write this note
to myself, telling myself
to write a blog entry
about having a Ditsy

We all have them.
I suspect that in the normal
monthly cycle 
of the average human, we
- both men and women -
all have an average of at least three 
Ditsy Days,
and we should get permission
to be excused from normal activity on those days,
those Ditsy Days,
--because it may hurt us,
or we may hurt someone else.

sort of like when I was in high school,
in swimming class,
and girls were allowed to take
a certain number of
"resting days"
a month.  For the period
of "resting," the girl would arrive
at the pool in her one piece
gym outfit with the gunky red pants,
and declare "resting" when her name
was called in attendance, as if the collected 
assembly (all of whom wore swim suits, 
unless they too were resting)
could not tell.

Some girls were always resting, 
and if the teacher looked at an eternally
resting student quizzically and said:
"aren't you resting a bit too long?
the girl would glare,
as if to dare
the teacher to ask
for evidence.

I, for one, saw no reason
for so many Resting Days during 
the swimming semester: it was all the other sports,
like volleyball and basketball
and gymnastics that I wished
I could be excused from when
the cramps overtook my body.

Resting Days
these days
are just Ditsy Days,
days when I have to come squarely to terms
with the fact that I am becoming
my mother.

In fact,
I'm writing this on a Ditsy Day,
a day when I have to write a note
reminding myself to write
a blog entry about having a Ditsy Day.

1 comment:

Debra She Who Seeks said...

Hahahaha, "resting days" -- never heard that euphemism before! But "ditzy days" -- oh yes, quite familiar with those!