Place of Refuge

Place of Refuge

28 January 2011

Noah: a channelling

I wake up in the morning,
numbed by winter's chill,
listening to the news
of shootings, revolutions, starvings, floods,
etc,  etc.,
and I think:
Are we there yet?
Is it Armageddon

How far do we have to go
before it's sheer hell
on earth?
We don't really have to destroy it,
we just have to destroy
each other --

and in the last
desperate gasp
of humankind as it extinguishes
we'll see it:
the end of time
as we know it

because TIME,
as we know it,
is time.

Outside of our perception of time,
there is no time.

(My cats have no conception of time;
they siddle up to the table
when I sit down to eat, 
and not because they know
it's "dinner time."
I eat at all times,
and they
are always not too far
away.  They're dictated by pack,
not temporal,

So once we destroy
each other,
our conception of time
will be gone
(though earth will go on, and regenerate.)

And the humans who will live on
are the ones who don't give a damn;
they're the ones who pay attention not
to the rat race created by humans, not
to Wall Street, or the New York Times
or not even Aljazeera
the humans who will live on
are the ones who don't give a damn;
they only pay attention
to the earth,
and they see the signs
and build a boat
(or a flying machine,
or a solar paneled house)
or whatever the earth seems to be telling them
that they need to build.

This is all we really have to do
to survive
as a race and as a planet;
just stop

being such stupid bastards
and killing 
each other so much.


Let's imagine this:
for a second:
Jesus will come again . . . 
in 2012 if we --
                  all humanity --
could make peace before then.
Because if we all make peace,
if we find a way to live
with one another,
Jesus will not have to 
make a journey,
S(H)e will 
be here.

~ ~

~ ~

Let's imagine this,
for a second:
what if 
there really is to be
a spectacular planetary alignment


and that alignment produces,
for a minute)

no explosion,
but instead, 
a mere glasslike,
and in that glasslike
we were challenged
to look at ourselves
in a mirror
for an eternity.

(After about 2 weeks of looking in that kind of mirror, believe me, you would start seeing your
and, well into eternity,
they would be all that you would see.)

And imagine this:
the image we must face,
is only us, individually, no one

else is anywhere to be seen, just

each held before the mirror
of eternity,
                                      for a eternity.

The thing is:
now we have the choice to decide
what we will see
in that moment
of facing the mirror
of individual and communal extinction:
we can either have an individual & communal
image of hatred and loathing
for eternity
we can have an individual and communal
image of caring and forgiving
 for eternity

or we could have an eternal image
of something in between.


we happy humans
are the species
who were given the job
to go further
                        and further and further
and with each step forward, we --
both as individual 
and as a group --
get more perfect.
Like Tiammat and her youth,
each generation
perfects the features
of its generator.

Imagine that:
it's just the nature
of the human

Each generation is meant to be
better than the last.
and if they're not,
it's stasis,
self destruction.
Like an eternal winter.

Imagine that.

~ ~ ~

I woke up this morning
by winter's chill, listening
to the news
of shootings, explosions, jihad,
illness, and homelessness,

and I wonder:

are we there yet?
Is it Armageddon

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