Place of Refuge

Place of Refuge

05 January 2011

Listen To The Children: A Channelling


Listen to the Children

My nephew               
           is 3
his mother is Greek.

My nephew

My mother
She lives

And she doesn't know what
my peaceful,
artistic brother -
her son -
and father to my Greek nephew
is going to do
about his strongwilled,
                        who is more Greek than American.

My mother's fear
        is that my brother
and sister-      
will decide

that the best place to be 
                   is Greece.

Greece was built
for my nephew,  
my nephew built
for Greece.          
(photo by Makropoulos)
But it is likely
our families
will partake in
a miserable,
soul destroying
over where
my brother, his wife, & their son
who is Greek
will live,
over how                   
that threesome
should negotiate
two mothers on two

So my nephew will be
a very unhappy boy
in a very unhappy family
in the 
United States of America.

* *

I really believe
that our children
at the instant they step
screamingly into
               life on earth,
what they need
to be the best
they can be.

The quality of their scream
the urgency with which
their needs need
to be met.

Listen to their screams;
to the patterns of their early
and follow them;

do not ask them
to follow you.

If you do,
you'll have disaster
you'll have life as we now know it.

* * *

Our children are
our evolution; they
are our better selves --

If we listen
to them closely
at the instant of their births,
we will hear
the nature
of the evolutionary step
that we are challeneged 
to accomplish in this lifetime.

Our children are our guides.

Many of us are dumb and deaf
to their demands
and we instead force the child
into our demands,

because the challenge of arising
to the nature of their 
is so massive,
so               far
outside who we are at that moment
when we first meet them.

A parent's job
is to guide
the child,
using the rudder provided 
by our collective ethical history of life on earth,
a parent's job
is also to yield
to the powerful calling
of his/her young:

to take all the steps necessary 
to make the child
the person she or he
was born to be.

That's a huge responsibility,
and it is
at its utmost.


listen to the children!!

even if they say:
                 I am Greek,
and you
                 are Turkish.

Move to Greece,
and learn to love
                 the Greeks.

You Can!
Love Them!!
And in loving them,
you will find
the salvation that you need:

Listen to the Children!!! 

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Debra She Who Seeks said...

Old baggage, old antipathies, drag us down today. I hope your brother and his wife make a good, strong choice for their son's future.