Place of Refuge

Place of Refuge

21 January 2011

from Rilke: The Sonnets to Orpheus

Will transformation.  Oh, be inspired for the flame
in which a Thing disappears and bursts into something else;
the spirit of re-creation which masters this earthly form
loves most the pivoting point where you are no longer

What tightens into survivial is already inert;
how safe is it really in its inconspicuous gray?
From far off a far greater hardness warns what is hard,
and the absent hammer is lifted high!
He who pours himself out like a stream is acknowledged at last by Knowledge;
and she leads him enchanted through the harmonious country
that finishes often with starting, and ending begins.

Every fortunate space that the two of them pass through, astonished,
is a child or grandchild of parting.  And the transfigured Daphne,
as she feels herself become laurel, wants you to change into wind.
(this translation was found on the website
of the German Education Department

Thanks so much.)

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