Place of Refuge

Place of Refuge

07 June 2010

people will be people

Tonight, for a reason I won't go into right now, I found myself looking at the online police blotter
in a community near where I live,
and I was amazed and delighted by the stories it told.  This is really just a randomly chosen sample:

A Broadway resident called to say her dog had locked
her out of her running car while
Police responded to a call 
from a Walden Avenue hotel
that a man who was not staying at the hotel had been
wandering around and smoking a cigar all day. The man
stated “Mr. Millenium” told him he could stay there
anytime. Police escorted him off the premises.

Police stopped a 23-year-old Park Place resident who
was running in the middle of Main Street. When police
approached the man, he reportedly turned around, ran
backward and said vulgar statements to the officer while
punching the air in front of him.  

Officers responded to a West Seneca home due to an
intoxicated man who attempted to use a plow truck to
push other vehicles out of his driveway. 

Police responded to Clinton Street for the report of a
highly intoxicated female who was walking in the middle
of traffic and attempting to get into stopped vehicles. She
told police she had been drinking in Arizona earlier that

An elderly Cheektowaga woman called police, stating
that someone was in her closet and wouldn’t come out.

A Union Road woman called 911 because she didn’t
know how to use her phone.

A noise complaint was reported on Pin Oak Drive. Police
responded and found a 50th anniversary
party. The seniors were advised to turn down the Frank
Sinatra music.

Police located a man, 19, walking on Interstate 290. He
told police he was walking from Buffalo to
Syracuse to see his girlfriend. He was transported home.

A Harlem Road woman reported that an acquaintance
stole her 2008 Pontiac. The culprit had driven her home in
her car the night before because she was drunk. The
complainant did not know the suspect’s name.

A Harrison Avenue resident reported a man walking
through several gardens and back yards. When questioned
by police, the man claimed to be heading home, walking
through the lawns because God wanted him to clean up
the Earth.

A house on Dellwood Road was egged overnight and
three slices of bologna found on the windows.

 Officers received a complaint of suspicious activity on
Fourth Avenue. The complainant reported seeing a man
hugging several trees.

A Delaware Avenue resident reported that her neighbor
might be harboring a rooster.

A woman complained that she went into a facility on Alberta
Drive for blood work and when she left she realized her car had
been stolen. The misplaced vehicle was located on the other side
of the building.

Someone broke into an apartment on Pacecrest Court and stole
a multicolored disco ball light from a dresser drawer. Owner
needed the ball for a dance that night.

A man called from Maple Road to report an encounter he had with a raccoon the
previous night. He said the raccoon challenged him.

A Lancaster woman reported she suspected her husband, with whom she is in the
middle of a divorce, put bird droppings on top of the coffee grounds in her coffee

Police were called to Paradise Road where a man was on
the roadside cutting up a deer with a chainsaw. When
police responded they discovered a man working on a
fallen tree, not an animal.

A Mapleton Drive woman told police she could hear
voices through her smoke detector.

A dispute was reported on Grandview Drive because a
mother wouldn’t give her 16-year-old daughter the cell
phone charger.

A patrol observed a vehicle pull onto Seneca Street
without yielding to traffic and nearly causing an accident.
When asked how much he had been drinking, the driver
said, “Too much to be driving.” When asked to perform
field sobriety tests, the man replied,” Why bother? I won’t
pass them.”

A one-legged turkey was reportedly in the middle of
Willow Ridge Drive. The complainant said the bird was
unable to move to the side, but it chased the patrol car
that responded.

A patrol stopped a vehicle on Seneca Street because it
had a missing brake light. The driver could not produce
her license, but told the officer her date of birth was
March 3, 1982. However, the driver appeared to be about
50 years old. Investigation revealed she was
impersonating her daughter, who was also in the vehicle.
The suspect was lying because her driver’s license had
expired in June 1996.

Deputies responded to a home on Billington Road after
receiving a report from a resident that a ground hog was
attacking her cat.

and. . . . .

  • A jogger found what he thought might be a bag of marijuana. Police determined it was actually oregano.

  • A group of kids were playing hockey in the street on California Road.

  • A dog was howling on Abbott Road.

  • A man was charged with criminal trespass after he fell asleep on a sump pump in an apartment complex storage shed.



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