Place of Refuge

Place of Refuge

04 June 2010

PURGE: it's not that I've not been thinking about this blog . . . .

. . . I have.

Sometimes I think I've set a precedent for myself,
to perform at a certain level,
and it's just so hard this week;
I'm just so tired.

And I'm frustrated by the events of the world.
It all just seems so stupid.

This ongoing oil spill. . . . .
OK, so I was wrong:
it's not the worst
oil spill the world has ever seen,
not yet at least.
what makes it horrifying is how it has become
a spectator sport.

The number of films on YouTube alone
of the spill is horrifying.

Here's a link to a page with 
all the live feeds, which people seem to find

People just seem to be taken by the practice of just gazing upon 
the plumes of oil,
spewing up out of the sea bottom
I know it's an odd comparison, but it's almost like watching
a woman menstruating --
seeing the blood pouring out, uncontrollably,
knowing the belly is aching with the pangs of a birth that might have been,
but instead all that's left is waste,
spewing forth in an uncontrollable deluge.

The only difference is that this bloodletting
was not natural; no;
it was imposed
by humans.

But still, I can feel the earth's pangs of pain.

We have truly raped the earth
as we've depleted her resources
I parallel it a bit with the ways
we have mistreated animals
through the process of domestication.

Visit my cat blog;
there are three entries
on the story of my Turkish cat
(who just puked a strange green bile on my carpet).

She is old now, and deaf;
when I first got her, in Turkey,
she was neither old nor deaf.
I wanted her spayed.
It took three operations
to do it,
and she lost her hearing along with her ovaries.
It was an incompetent veterinarian who at one point
simply took something out of her gut
and told me "I think I got it," meaning her ovary.
He was wrong; she needed another operation after that.

So when she has symptoms like
green puke now,
in her later years, I still wonder
what he took out in that
second operation.
He did not know.
She has suffered so much
simply because
I wanted her to meet my specifications
in order for her to live in my house.
As if I was actually capable of reading her mind about that subject:
who knows if she really wanted to live in my house?

Speaking of Turkey,
what about the Freedom Flotilla?
I've posted the
Christian Science Monitor's coverage in the entry
below this entry.

I may sound simplistic,
but it's time we stop fighting.
Especially across religious lines.
It is time we stop 
feeling that one group has more right than another
over a piece of this earth.

Asia Minor.
. . . .

The list goes on and on:
tormented land,
land that blood has shed upon
because one group of humans
felt they had more of a right to posses that little plot
of earth
than another group,
when in fact,
in their very deaths,
interred as we are
into the ground, 
we can see oh so clearly
that it is not we
who own the earth
but the earth
that owns us,
always will and always has.

Perhaps the most civil news story
I heard  today
was an apology delivered
from a 30 year veteran referee
to a newly minted professional baseball pitcher:

(see the Christian Science Monitor's
"Photos of the Day"
for June 3 )

If only world leaders
could find it within themselves
to admit potential misjudgements,
to shake hands and move on
to the next game
in the spirit of true sportsmanship.

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