Place of Refuge

Place of Refuge

20 June 2010

Another Thought on Second Life

Makropoulos again.

Yeah, the real one,

not the fake one.

~ ~ ~ ~

You see, the avatar that I occupy in this life
is actually channeling at least one other personality at
the same time. No, well, probably three*

Anyway, the reason why I have trouble getting my own time
on this blog lately
is because one of the other personalities she's channeling
has this book, see.
And she really wants to publish
this book, see.
And she's working on that,
and it takes a hell of a lot of time.

I'd love it if she'd just publish the damned thing,
'cause she's getting kind of interesting in this blog,
and she ain't a bad writer, so as soon as I can get her
on board, well, this blog may rock
a little more.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

I spoke about Second Life
a day or two ago,
and all the reasons I don't like it.

Now I'm going to tell you
why I find it to be so fascinating.

I saw an episode of 
C.S.I. New York
where they were solving a murder
where the motivation,
and even the murderer, could be found
on Second Life.

Since I didn't know much
about Second Life at the time,
I thought it was
kind of cool

There was one scene,
where there was a fight
on Second Life.

Clearly, one can have a pretty wicked battle
under the disguise of
Second Life,
even get one's head cut off
a couple times,
and still walk away from it.

So I thought:
wouldn't it be cool if
nations could fight their wars
on Second Life
and live in peace
on the Planet Earth.

All the 
warriors of the world
could just have it out
in internet land
and live
maybe even peaceful
in our bodies.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

If you think about it that way,
Second Life
could be the absolute cure
of all the social ills of the earth:
we could just act out our naughtiness

But honestly,
that's just crazy:
there will always be somebody
not happy to kill another in a Second Life;
they'll want to see what it's like to do it
in the Real, First Life, as well,
and so we'd have to be prepared and ready
to deal with that, in a civil way.

(That brings us back to the question of the Fall of Man,
and Reproduction, 
and how the Fall of Man
is actually linked with the compulsion
to reproduce (ie: see one's self
as if in a mirror.)  Please
read my other entries
on those topics to get my drift. . . . )

But, you see,
people who think they have to do something
in this Real Life are actually
who recognize that this Real Life
is just
a Second Life,
and therefore,

There will always be people
like myself
not content to do it
in the Second Life,
and when those people have
murderous tendencies,
well, they're dangerous.

So anyway, 
that's why we still need
law and order
in this earthly life;
because that's
what we're here for,
to make sure we get it right
in the First Life, so we don't have to do
a Second Life.

However, let me propose:
the Second Life
can handle those times
when collectively,
a group (nation) wants to attack
another group  (nation).

Couldn't it?

If there was enough at stake
in the Second Life,
it may suit us well
as a battle field.

It would appear,
after all,
that the next few generations
are best prepared
to fight on that terrain.


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