Place of Refuge

Place of Refuge

18 September 2010

The Scholar: A Channelling

. . . . and so it begins
the horrendous roller coaster 
treadmill of the academic
Some people think college professors
have it made,
but honestly
these days
that isn't true.

( Shelah )

Of course, there are those 
tenured faculty, who
admired what appeared to be the easy life
of their 
English Professor,
in the 1970's,
and perhaps it was 
in its way.

But like a child who admires his father's
the students who envisions and envies
his professor's 
solitary ease,
imitates it, and 
imitates it with exaggeration.
After all, the child doesn't see the work
that goes into 
apparent ease.

So, yes, there are
professors today
who are very, very
lazy, and then
there are those who do
their jobs, which means
when September hits, so too does their
4-4 or 5-5
teaching load
the fan and splatter
and so begins. . . 
the meetings and the committees and
the papers and the
                  Task Forces
designed by administrators
with literature Ph.D.s 
who are either more cunning
or more beguiling
or more corrupt
than the menial faculty.
And the duties they design
so urgently 
will become passe
when they move away
in a year or two
to a seaside experimental College
not too far from Berkeley.

( Bowman )

Yes, so it begins,
and I 
a faculty 
spawned by hardworking mentors
begin my struggle:

my mind gets cluttered
with a multitude of tasks
designed to appeal
to my well-meaninged
designed to quell my cantankarous

All week long I trudge
from day to day 
from paper, to paper,
pursuing these days
when my brain, so full
of mutterings
can spill
on this miserable page.
With a little help
from my friends, I squeeze
the chatter 
into oblivion, for a time
when time gallops
forward, and so does
my pen, just barely
fast enough
to capture the moaning voices
of captives in my head
my head
the cave
the cave
where perhaps exists a
universe just like
the one we live in,
and the great mind 
that fashions the wheel
that spins around a glowing
center in this world
is mine.  And somewhere
on a planet circling that star
in my mind
                                         lives me, struggling to see
                                 the meaning of it all.

The savior of the world
in my own mind is me,
and if I can just be true
to me
everything will be all right.

 - - - ) ) ) ( ( ( - - -

This is where the current 
comes in:
it is designed to detain
the minds of men
and women
from themselves.

It was designed by men
living inside their own heads
100 years or so
and it worked for awhile,

But not anymore, as the 
master brain evolves to meet
the God-Brain,
the ways of that mind
that Old old mind
will no longer fit the bill.

Jesus will come as the scholar
in the 4 days of the grid,
in the
Age of the Grid
at the exact
point of juncture
where & when
women &  men
The Messiah is the mind that
unites us,
the point
of agreement
and acceptance
and forgiveness.

It's so easy
that it's hard, the hardest
thing in the world
to do.

Most people would just
and say:
it's the stupidest
most asinine
idea, and no way
could it happen:

what could happen:

humans would advance to the point
where they could all
we could all 
just look each other
in the eye
and just
or equality,
If we all stopped fighting,
stopped hating,
started communicating

we'd all be equal.

That's right:
we would all

Jesus will come as the Scholar
in the 4 Days of the Grid:
in earlier entries
I've contemplated
who Jesus was
       or is,
and mostly,
what the Grid is,
but have I spoken of the scholar?

The scholar is the greatest
any man can be,
recognizing that scholar
means reaching the highest
intellectual potential
one can reach
on the subject that one
is born to be best at;
one can be a scholar
in their taxi, or a
scholar delivering mail,
or a scholar
teaching infants,
or a scholar
in jail.
 Just as long as the mind
that God gave you,
that absolute 
made in His likeness,
just as long as you are true
to its greatest potential,
you, too,
                are part of

Jesus rising. 

- - - ( ( ( ) ) ) - - -

Jesus will come again
as the Scholar
to the scholars
when the 4 points unite:
the East
the West
the North
the South
at the moment of the juncture
when the eye of God
gazes directly
at the mind of Man
through the only aperture
in the heavens
that makes this possible:

by the way,
it's a mirror
in the mind
of God:
that's the ticket,
that's the 2-way street,
the moment of Reflective Practice
when God reflects 
on himself:

and when he does, we
are the image he sees:

We happy Three
We Trinity.

Is this a joke?
Is this a drug induced
Or is it
a channelling,
a message
from the galaxy
inside of me
that is really
my point of entry to
the entirety
of the almighty.

Don't think too hard.
Just ride that trai
and if you fall off,
don't fret
there's always another.

But if you're wondering the date and time
of this miraculous
mirror gazing:
it would be
some time in the 12th month
of the year

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