Place of Refuge

Place of Refuge

07 November 2010

Duet: Czeslaw Milosz & Hazrat Inayat Khan (I do believe both are tenors)

Dependence belongs to matter
and independence to spirit.
The independent spirit becomes dependent through manifestation.
When the One becomes many, then each part of the One,
being limited, strives to be helped
by the other part,
for each part finds itself

Therefore we human beings,
however rich
with the treasures of heaven and earth,
are poor in reality because
of our dependence upon others. 
The spiritual view makes one conscious
of this fact, but the material view
blinds man, who then show independence
and indifference to his fellow man.

Pride, conceit and vanity
are the outcome of this ignorance.

There are moments when even the king has to depend
upon a most insignificant person.

. . . . .

As individuals depend upon other individuals,
so nations and races depend upon
one another.  
No individual can say that he can geet on without anyone else,
and no nation can be really happy
while another nation is unhappy.

But both individuals and communities depend most
upon God, in whom we all unite.

(Hazrat Inayat Kahn The Unity of Religious Ideals)

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