Place of Refuge

Place of Refuge

19 November 2010

Whole (an edited channelling)


I had a dream
several months ago;
in it,
I was singing
with a multitude of people.

It was the end of time,
and we knew it.

Everyone was walking down streets
long and dark, like an alley,
a huge bowling alley;
so many people, 
so many voices.

And then a group broke off,
male and female, and I
was among them,
and we were singing
to a beautiful musical phrase:
we had no children
over and over again.
we had no children
we had no children
we had no children.
And we were exquisite;
every voice around me
was full and realized,
and every voice was
content with where it sat
in the face
of the singer,
and the singers each
were content
with their faces
that contained
their voices.

It was a joy to sing with them,
and I realized
most of my companions
were gay
or were single and childless,
like me,
and I was happy to be singing
with the choir of the childless
we each understood
the sources of our pain and
our voices sounded so good
so we sang, as we marched 
down our narrow street;
we sang
we had no children
we had no children
we had no children
into the depth
of the endless


Some people wonder
why it seems
we have so many gay people
so many
who have not reproduced.


Those who reproduce
are those
who are still evolving,
who do not yet recognize
the element of the opposite sex
we each contain,
or perhaps
they haven't developed 
their other halves
so well;
they're still predominantly 
just half.


god broke in half
in order to be able to see
but when they broke in 1/2
he actually had to double
was whole
and in order for whole
to see whole
it has to see
half & half

if whole
tries to see another whole
it would just continuously
be disappearing
into the 
hole in the middle of whole
that appears
when whole tries
to double itself
; ; ; ;
so whole reproduces itself
by creating
two halves
to represent
the halves
that constitute the whole.

I've said this before.

We -- every part of creation --
are representatives
and representations
of the different aspects
of the whole;
and within each of our species
we continually represent the doubling of the
whole, of the 
that is god.

just think of what happens in nature:
the halves
but then become wholes
by doubling --

a continual repetition,
a continual reproduction,
of the act of reproduction
that the creative force
we choose to call God
when it felt the compulsion
to reproduce

As the 1/2s evolve,
the aspects in us that
are the essential aspects
of a whole god
and we begin containing
a little bit of each half
of the whole:

Thus, more and more
we are prone to see
people who contain
this doubleness,
those of us
who have been evolving
for awhile
from age to age
now occupy
that indicate
our wholeness


we contain a duality


a man in a female body;
a female in a male body,
and sometimes
we are attracted to another
just like us.

What else can I say?

I don't know for sure
a message like this is emerging;
it just is--
and I'm writing it.

(Actually, I'm editing it, too, 
because the original channelling
was quite a challenge.
But the message
was clear.)

so I'm singing with all these
gorgeous-voiced people
many gay,
many lesbian,
some like me,
all of us who
never reproduced,
not in this lifetime, at least;
we never really needed to reproduce
though we may have wanted to,
some of us,
like me
contained a weeping memory
of reproduction
deep in our wombs.

We are the ones whose
spirits have evolved
to a point
shy of wholeness.

And so we contain two in one.

For some of us,
on first sight,
we're way shy of normal,
but the more you get to know us
you see
we're not that bad,
and we're even appealling,
and we sure can sing.
And don't forget:
we can't help it==
we were born into these
that mark the stage we're at
in our spiritual development;
they are
and we need them
to learn the lesson
we're here to learn
this time around,
and to help humankind
to the next stage it is meant
to arrive at.


Debra She Who Seeks said...

I've often thought that the ones who will be most joyful and thankful at the "end of time" (whatever form that catastrophe takes) will precisely be the ones without children, because as horrible as it would be to suffer those things yourself, how much horrible would it be to watch your children/grandchildren suffer them?

Makropoulos said...

Yeah, that is a pretty chilling thought.

Thanks so much for your thoughts and comments, Debra! It's great to know someone's listening/reading!

I do love those gloves, by the way.