Place of Refuge

Place of Refuge

03 October 2010

Tyler Clementi, RIP

I can't say this is a channelling,
but it's felt from the heart.

It's about a story that's very,




I want to send my deepest sympathy

to the family of this young man,

and to the families of all the young people

who have taken their lives

in the U.S.A.

over the past month

(and, really, over the past several years)
because foolish,
scorned them for being different.

(I would like to say something about gay bashing,
but will reserve another entry for that.
Suffice it to say,
for now,
that this is the most
homophobic age
that history has ever seen,
and we absolutely need
to start admitting
that physical, sexual desire
does not fit neatly
into one simple mold.
if a man and a man
want to be together,
or a woman and a woman,
it's no big deal. 
I mean, really:
who is it hurting,
if they are together,
in the comfort 
and privacy
of their own home?
If we just accept that,
and get on with it,
then we might be able to begin
to curb
damaging perversions
that have been spawned by our age
of confusion,
during which
the media seems to embrace many sexualities
but at the same time
silently enforces

~ ~ ~

This incident just goes to show how skewed the morals

and the logic

of the youth of the 

United States have become.


The only thing more upsetting than this video

and this story

is some of the comments posted on YouTube after it.


You might say
that it was just children who did this
-- evil children --
Well, but we must
take responsibility for our children.
The words that tumble

from a child's lips
and the actions
they perform
are reflections of the words
and actions
that child learns
at home.

Consider these videos,
which I also found



I don't mean to be a prude,
but there's just something really wrong here.

This may be just words,


but where can it go?
The young man who 
broadcast his roommate's sexual acts

is home now, and reportedly,

doesn't understand 

what's going on.

He doesn't understand that he destroyed

another young man's life.

And how much money will his parents pay

to get him out of jail, free?

~ ~ `~ ~


what have we become?

The land of freedom of speech,

the dream of our forefathers

has become a world where 


means the ability

and right

to play games with other people's lives,

and to scorn and mock those

who are different 

from our limited, little selves,

while across the world,

our sons and daughters

and other innocent

sons and daughters

keep dying

in a war that will never end.

I love America,

but I, too,

am afraid of it.


Debra She Who Seeks said...

I cry for that poor, desperate young man. It's a shocking, horrible story.

Makropoulos said...

Indeed, and as a teacher of young people, I realize how we really have to watch for so many other signals these days -- signals of abuse, loneliness, misunderstanding. . .