Place of Refuge

Place of Refuge

24 October 2010

ok, perhaps the greatest living diva

. . . . madonna

have I been ignoring her?
Not, not really.

She is, in my estimation,
THE Diva of our time;

she, who shares my age
(in this lifetime)

When she first came out,
when we were both. . . . 

however old that was,
I wanted her to hold her guitar

throughout her career.
(by the way, Madonna and I play the guitar about equally as well!)
But she didn't.

She did what I would have done,
if I were in that field:

she did it all.
She put down the guitar,

she built up her voice,
She Sang. . . . 

Which is what a diva should do.

And I loved her, even when I hated her.

So anyway, 

here she is: the greatest of divas


Oh, the previous entry
is pure channelling,
and I know 
they can be pretty hard to understand.
 And I'm tired today.

So I thought I'd share something a bit easier today.

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