Place of Refuge

Place of Refuge

17 May 2010

Three In One


(from rtjones  - nice blog )

The human being, is in essence
the representation of the three of God's most ineffable,
most unmanifestable

Our bodies, don't forget, are just really the vehicles
that those three aspects live in
while living on 
planet earth.  

At the time of Creation
(the First Fall)
it was found
by the Almighty
slightly by accident
that he could better represent himself
in his constituent parts
than he could as a whole
to represent himself as a whole
would be to represent
the Everything
and that's just impossible.
Because Everything Cannot Be doubled.  

So the only way he could create
the Everything
was to create the Nothing
the Everything and the Nothing
contain the same things
at the same time.
Because in order for their to be
No Thing
You have to know the
Every Thing

It's the place of the double negative,
the place of the palindrome:
The place where the left and the right meet
Where the mirror image meets
that which is reflected.

We look up into space, and we see No Thing
Because during the time we occupy our bodies
we contain Every Thing;
when we move to the realm of the everything
these bodies are nothing.

It's funny:
we think our soul mates
are people just like us;
when in fact it makes the most sense
for a soul mate to be a mirror

(2a. - read through 3, read 2a, then return to 2a;
read through 2, 2a, and 3 and then whatever. . . )

Let me please get back to the point I began with:
every individual human
the three most ineffible aspects of God,
and remember, as I said
a couple days ago,
the reason our bodies are so damned beautiful
is because
he loves these aspects of himself
the most.
We are the most sacred, because we are the closest to No Thing

The three most unrepresentable aspect of God
that we are obliged
to contain within us
are imitated within each on of us -
in our personalities.

They are:

God the Creator
God the Father or Ruler
God the Child

Thus, each one of us has at least these three aspects
of our personalities.


And wouldn't it be interesting
if our soul mate shared one 
essential aspect - the Child -
but was the exact opposite 
of OurSelves in one or two
of our other aspect??????

Then, when we meet back
in heaven, for lack of a
better word, we know we
would be everything.
both the positive & the negative;
we would be perfect.

A soul that has reached the end of its human path,
in terms of reincarnation, is generally a very lonely
soul, because they have reached a point in their 
evolution where they know the biggest challenge they
could give to themselves on this earthly plan
would be to make their earthly double
their exact opposite,
with one
they would
share the
same Child,
the child

is the essence of our earthly, heavenly being.

I was talking to my sister tonight.
She was telling me about her old
childhood friend, who I'll simply call
OldFriend.  OldFriend was always a bit
of a rebel. She ran away from home
at 16; left home for Alaska at 19 or so.
I don't know middle years, because
my sister lost contact.  Somewhere in
there, OldFriend met a man (Oh, I should
mention, OldFriend was always a knock-out;
her voluptuous body always made me shudder
and feel inadequate.  But OldFriend had troubles
with men, as we all do.  Anyway, OldFriend met
a man, a foreign man.  She married him;
they produced three daughters, with the help
of a test-tube. OldFriend lives with the man, her 
husband and the father of her three daughters who look
nothing alike, sometimes.  Other times, she's running.
Away from something, towards something; who knows.
She bring her girls with her,  Right now they're doing it
in an RV.  OldFriend showed up at my sister's house; the 
girls are now around 14, and they've been home-schooled for
the past 4-5 years.  Clueless.  (so sis says)  And angry; they
all wear their hair really short and don't bathe much.  One of them seemed to really
like my sister, and smiled and was kind to her.  And thanked
her for lunch, for a walk, for hospitality.  The other two refused
all kindness.  They did not speak or look at her.  Of the three, one is more 
mannish; one has a few learning disabilities (she's the one who
liked my sister); one is I-Don't-Remember-What, but she was
different. As sister told me about them, and their stand-offish
yet happy-to-see-you mother, I said, "her daughters are the three
primary aspects of OldFriend, and only one of them likes you."

Sister laughed, because she knew I was right.  There was a a part of
OldFriend who always liked being with my fussy sister, but most of the time,
OldFriend didn't want to have much to do with her.  I remember that from our

Using my equation from above, about how each of us are imitating the three most
ineffable aspects of God in ourselves, one might venture to guess that 
OldFriend's three personalities, embodied so fully in her daughters
are the Father, which is a wanderlust, the Creator, who may be the girl who likes 
my sister, and the Child is the other, who 
my sister said was the nasty girl.  But the girl who likes 
my sister may also be the Child, because my sister is an Eternal Child.

We each have these Three Aspects, 
but in some of us, one of the aspects
is more pronounced than the other. 
We all have an element of the Father,
the ruler; we all have an element of
the Creator; we all have an element
of the Child.

To find someone who is completely compatible is so difficult,
because a completely compatible person has to be compatible
in all three of these areas.  We can have friends,
like my sister and OldFriend, who we like to see some
of the time, but we'd rather not see Most of the Time,
because two out of three of their essential aspects
are different from our own.

The core of all of these three aspects, for each human,
is the Child, because we are all
children of God at our core.

We are born perfect, and it is society
that fashions the Father aspect in all of us
this is called the process of socialization
(by the way, that comes right after the mirror stage)
The Father aspect in us is what Freud called 
The SuperEgo, that element of the tripartite
personality that enforces and controls the other two
more primordial urges.  The SuperEgo
makes us able to "pass" in society.

Psychologically, we gained the Super-Ego
when we ate that damned apple. The
SuperEgo, that Third Part of our
personality that God didn't want
us to have was the part that made
us the Maker of Laws;
(For the Disciple John who was giving us
his version of the New Testament, the Testament
inspired by the word of Jesus,
In the beginning was the Word

That Gospel should go first;
because it is the most accurate.
That Gospel readjusts the time frame we
use when reading the story; 

the beginning
of the New Testament should acknowledge
that after the fall of man,  a new time began,
and it was a time in which hu-mans had the capacity
to make their own laws.
The beginning of time as we know it, 
began when Hu-mans
were expelled from the Garden

Before that, 
we were
and Child --

we imitated the
Creator who is God
but we were all
his children
We were not him.

If we can find our inner child,
we will also find our creative spirit
at the same time, because those two aspects
are at the core of our being.  
As long as we have bodies, though,
the best way to live in society
is as a responsible child,
a child who recognizes that as long as we live
in this World After the Fall,

we have to also follow some rules.

When all humans begin to see that
perhaps we'll start on our path
back to the garden.

(I have to end this with this funny word list link,
because they made me think of palindromes
check it out:

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