Place of Refuge

Place of Refuge

06 May 2010

The Creation & The Fall of Man, According To Makropoulos, Continued


(Nicola Haigh Lake Reflections )

So, in the first lines of 
The Book of Genesis;
we have God creating
a reflecting surface
a mirror:
sun on water.
After that, 
images begin to appear 
in the mirror:
reflections of the various aspects
of God
Humans, according to the Book of Genesis
are the crowning creation:

So God created man in his own image,
in the image of God created he him;
male and female created he them.

Such is how King James translates it.
My only contention is that
man is NOT the only creature
created in God's image;
had to be created
in God's image,
because God, previous to this act of creation
was everything
and in creating, 
everything he created 
was an imitation of some aspect of God;
it had to be,
because there was nothing else but
for the original creation to represent.

So the first thing he had to produce was a reflecting surface,
which captured the likeness
of every aspect of
thus the water,
the trees
the birds
the fish
the animals
and humans
all rose in that reflecting surface,
and gazed back at God,

just as our own image gazes
back at our selves
in the mirror every morning.
Fundamentally, it was the world of Avatar.
Avatar appears miraculous to us
because it represents an entire environment
that cooperates with its creatures
in directly imitating God
and celebrating in God's creation
without being self-conscious about it.

The reason humans look so strange on Pandora
is that we are so self-conscious of how we look,
and of how the natives look,
we ate the apple.


So at what point did humans stop seeing
that they were just part of the diversity
that appeared in the mirror
reflecting the face and limbs
and body and environment
of God,
and when did we start thinking that they were at the center of it all
and the rest is just background:

Easy: it was that whole
Apple Incident:

At the 
Apple Incident,
the serpent made this claim:
Ye shall not surely die;
For God doth
know that in the day ye eat thereof,
then your eyes shall be opened,
and ye shall be as God,
knowing good and evil.

to be as God is to not just know everything
but to be everything.
Eat the apple, and you will think
you are everything.

So Adam & Eve
saw themselves
after they munched
on the Apple,
and each thought
they were everything,
but at the same instant they thought they each thought they were everything
they looked over at the other, and realized
they were not.
And furthermore, they looked a little different for the simple reason
that each was really half of a whole;
together, they imitate
an entire part of
(please see my other entries on the palindrome, mirror-images, and God)

But they didn't perceive that anymore:
Adam thought he was the center
of everything,
and Eve thought she was,

In essence, when they ate that ol' apple,
they went through the equivalent
of the mirror stage.

Suddenly, each had
a separate identity,
and each expected to see
a reflection of himself
in the creature in front of her.

But that's not quite how it worked out:

he saw her mysterious

and she saw
erect and attentive
to her.
Each thought they were 

Now, I have a theory that abusive relationships began
at that very instant,
because each wanted to be dominant over the other,
and abuse is an act of domination.
He may have been bigger
than her, though
I tend to think that they were more or less 
the same size.

So, the first form of abuse was not physical;
it was emotional:
both God and man established,
fairly early,
that it was the woman's fault,
and she's been guilty ever since.

who knows if God then made all the proclamations
she is claimed to have made: 
she didn't have to,
because at the instant humans began to think
they were Everything,
they began their own one-way trip
to destruction, or at least to where
we are today.
  If one thinks one is everything,
then everything else
is nothing,
and therefore,


Perhaps the eating of the apple
signifies the moment
when the brain
grew to a point where
the human race began
its evolution towards being
civilized man? It may actually
be the instant
where the imagery of the Creation Story
intersects and exposes
the reality of Evolution

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