Place of Refuge

Place of Refuge

29 May 2010

The All That is Nothing

We will be able to reproduce our bodies
if we are only brain.
If we are only brain
we don't need a body, because
if we have lived the life,
and truly experienced it, 
living it
we can imagine what it would be like to do those things
and we wouldn't have to be there.


This thought came to me when,
in a vaguely herbal state,
I was standing in front of my stove
thinking: "time to turn on the stove."
And I saw my arm reach out
from my body and press
the imitation button button
on the stove top.

And then my mind went somewhere else,
for a relatively long period of time.
When I returned to the stove
I was suprised it wasn't on.
I had seen the action so clearly.

I had imagined, in my mind, an action
that I've completed so many times with my body
that I knew so well;
I projected an image of my arm turning on the stove
so truthful
that I thought I had actually done the act.

But I hadn't.  The oven was cold as a tomb,
so I had to actually use my arm
and finger
to turn it on.

But the fact was: that act was there;
my mind moved so vividly
I believed that the representation
of the act was the act itself.
My imagination had that much substance.

Then I thought: if we could find
a way that I (or anyone) could 
train the brain and
connect my thoughtprocess
(which is only electricity)
with the electric (ie: radio) wave
emitted from my 
part gas/part electric stove,
then we wouldn't really
need to use
our arms anymore.  

Our arms, after all, are only
an imitation of a compulsion
within us to reach, to make
contact with
Thing That Does.
The Thing That Does is whatever object
we created on this earthly plane to help us manifest
either a.) ethereal aspects of God or
b.) those acts we have to do to stay on the planet.

The Thing That Does, by the way
is the inverse representation of
The Thing That Does Not.

The physical place we occupy,
and all its disparate parts,
ie: the kitchen
the apartment
the shoe
the body,
The All That Is Something

are, when functioning collaboratively, the inverse representation
of the
All That Is Nothing.


Different creatures interact
with the All That Is Nothing
in different ways.
Cats, for instance, live on
the margins of the
All That Is Something
and the
All That Is Nothing:
they respect.
They have little to say, 
and their thoughts are elegantly simple;
they know that different aspects of the 
All That Is Something
sustain their physical lives,
so they seek them out,

for sustenance: that is
the essence of the predator.

The predator is one who
lives in that margin,
who knows that the All 
That Is Something
is really Nothing 
but a veneer - a couterpoint -
to the truth: Nothing
which is,

(Now if you've gotten this far and this makes an iota of sense, I thank you.  You may want to go back to my earlier entries on the palindrome, mirrors,  and creation.  This one echoes many of the ideas found there.)

Because Nothing is the Everything
we seek.

If we can slip inside the glove of nothing
we will become the everything,

and our physical presence
will be made manifest
on the Mirror of Our Desire To Fully See Ourselves.

Honesty is the key.


If, in this human life, you live honestly,
then when you pass into death, you will
be able to look in the 
that divides the two,
life and death,
and you will see your truthful life
(the mirror never lies)
and look back and say
I was always honest to my 
essential self
in this life.  And when
I made mistakes, I admitted them;
I don't need to go back; 
and do it over

I can be nothing and something
and be absolutely content,
that while I lived in this physical body,
I used it justly.


Yes, I am talking reincarnation,
because reincarnation is the only
for what's going on here.

We come back and come back and come back
into this realm of the 
(don't forget: we ARE the reproduction, and reproduction
is the norm on the physical plane;
it is how we sustain ourselves here.)

So we keep coming back,
reproducing ourselves
in so many different forms,
and challenging ourselves
to do better,
to help the God who is our Creator
see himself.

We're living in the mirror,
and we can either live through the breaking of the mirror, again,
which won't be a hell of a lot of fun,
(and it might even feel like hell, for awhile)

or we can live through
the absolute act
of cohering the parts,
of making ourselves
a total representation of all the 
aspects of God that we,
in this incarnation,
chose to represent.

The most successful way of cohereing the parts
is to develop the brain and the heart.
Because the brain and the soul live on 
after the body is gone.

The brain and the heart are the essence
of God;
God is mind, logic and knowledge
and the creative impulse
combined and working
in harmony.

The body, as I've said 
is just the avatar
that we chose to use
while we dwell on
the Plane of Brokenness.

Our brain is our most
Godlike aspect;
Our bodies were just built from
dirt - the materials of the physical realm -
to carry the brain and the heart around
while it's here.

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