Place of Refuge

Place of Refuge

23 May 2010

No place like nowhere

. . . . . which is everywhere.

Everywhere we live
is no where,
yet we make it somewhere in our life's experience --

Or let's put it another way:
every day
we wake up
and somewhere,
deep inside our guts
we know
we'll be lucky if we get through that day

Do you ever feel that way?

Every day we face
thousands of dangers
and threats
to our very lives;
and if we're lucky
we survive.

After all, we're all only
animals, and
if we had not become 
we would have remained animals,
in large part, and lived and died
like animals, who more or less recognize
and resign themselves
the cycle of the organism:
we move from physical life to spiritual life and back again,
in a constant

because we are the most
of animals,
hu-mans built homes and
killed animals and plants and trees
so they could preserve their physical lives.

The more we hu-mans became aware
of the distance of time between life and death
(between being in a physical state and dreaming a physical state),
the more we grew to fear death,
and the more we imposed ourselves
on the lifecycle of other creatures on the planet.

(from:  hurstwick )

(wikipedia dugout )

The problem is
in each new stage of our
"civilization" -
ie: our ability to preserve the life
of our species,
we moved further and further
from the organism we are part of.

In our ticky-tacky life,
life becomes predictable,
and so we seek
more dangers
more challenges,
so we can feel
the quick of life

otherwise we're numb

 And this is why we seek out adventures.

We do it to remind ourselves that we are living dangerous lives;
every single day is a dangerous life.

We've sanitized our planet so much
that we don't even know that anymore


Artists live dangerous lives.
They dare to look at their environment honestly;
politicians, too
live dangerously.
But so does the busdriver
and the race car driver,
and the butcher
and the salesman,
and the mother
and the child,
and the teacher
and the student -

all seek something different, something that could challenge
their very existence;
they face their challenge,
and make it part of themselves.

Some choose to watch
the brave
make the challenge
and succeed.
We are the spectators,
who seek out the daredevils
who live right on the edge
of this life and the next.

We live in a world of too much spectatorship.
Too many people
are merely watching, while
only a few 
take the risk,
our immortality.

Who are you?

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