Place of Refuge

Place of Refuge

21 May 2010

Makropolis is a diva, remember, II

Makropulos is a diva,
and in that sense,
she is every diva who has ever sung Makropulos.

The only problem is,
Makropulos doesn't think
the Opera,
is very lyrical, musically,
but she - I mean I - respects every soprano
who has ventured to sing it,
indeed, I am every soprano
who has ever
sung the part of me,
such as this woman, Marie Collier:
Collier sang the opera on a couple occasions, 
including a 1971 recording of it.

That was the year Marie Collier died.
It's possible that singing my opera made that happen.
And here I am, living on, much to my dismay.
But I loved Marie Collier in the role of me,
and here I am, in the role of Marie Collier,
singing Vissi D'Arte  from Tosca

Don't be afraid of it, watch it.
She is me, and I am her,
just like
as I said,
I am all divas.

In fact, here is another, a much younger
soprano named Nina Warren,
in what looks to me to be a really
interesting production 
of my opera:
Janacek's The Makropulos Affair:

Here are some close-ups of her as me, or me as her.
I like her as me,
she looks like me and she sings the role of me
exactly as I would sing it.
What the heck,
she is me,
and I am her:


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