Place of Refuge

Place of Refuge

13 February 2012

Some Thoughts on Waking: 13 February 2012

Running Bodies:

On the radio today
in a story of Bahrain
the announcer described a man
trapped in his own doorway.
Sourceless gunshots held him there,
"and outside there was only
running bodies,"
the disembodied voice explained.

Running bodies - as if they were already dead,
running running running,
until the bullets relieved them
of their worry.

In frozen Hungary, old money is being burnt
to warm chilled children
and snow snow snow snow
pales deeper 
the pallor 
of Old Europe.

I have wondered of late
the popularity of zombies,
but now I know for sure
that we live in a time
of living death,
and deep in our being,
we know it.

Running bodies -- that's us --
but what are we running from?
We're running from other zombies
who think they can gain power
in the world of zombies
by killing the living dead.

Might I propose that we run to a state of not
running, not dying, but rather, living --
the world will not be a zombie world
if we see that each day it brings to us
new life.

part 2:
dice roll

( from kickstarter )

Each morning's awakening brings
 a toss of the dice
and as it rolls into place
on its face
is an aspect of me --
today, my perceptivity,
yesterday, my insecurities,
tomorrow, my confidences,
and the next day, my deepest talents --
whatever the face, it dominates my play
for the day,
and if I believe the tossing hand is not mine, I am blind
to the consequences I produce for myself.

No bother.
This morning as I lay in wait
for my fate,
I recognized the wrist and the fist
of the gambler --
it was not yours, my friend,
nor was it an unseen shape --
it was me, and the dice
bore no mystery;
each face was
and is 
a known quantity 
to me.

With the proper gesture
it will fall in my favor.

So too with you.
There is no mystery;
chance is in your favor
if you know the roll
is yours.

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