Place of Refuge

Place of Refuge

12 February 2012

Diva For The Weekend -- Whitney Houston, R.I.P.

It appears to me,
that with a diva like
Whitney Houston,
I can clearly say
that divas are required
to take those big risks 

and end up singing about tragedy. . 

. . . and to sing tragedy well
is to live it . . . 

. . . to wear it with both agony and beauty. . . 


Why, oh why, must some of them be destined
to die
so tragically?

A beautiful talent,
a great diva,
a sad, sad loss.


Debra She Who Seeks said...

I'm not sure that I buy into the whole "great divas must suffer tragically in order to create beauty" viewpoint. Self-destruction is a tragedy but lots of great artists create their art without doing so.

Makropoulos said...

OK. I'll buy that. I"m reading Steve Jobs' biography right now, and quite taken by it. Last night after I posted this, I was thinking more about those artists (and I consider Jobs an artist) who maintain a sense of self while creating. I really think right now that it comes down to how much control and self awareness one has. To my memory, Whitney was one of those natural artists that the industry found when she was young. The music industry spotted her potential and talent and exploited it, and she probably just reveled in the idea that the world loved her. I suspect she may have not had enough self awareness and direction to not be tragic. I guess I'm working on my definition of diva a bit more -- I appreciate your thoughts, Debra, thanks!