Place of Refuge

Place of Refuge

08 February 2012

excerpt one: "The Sole Origin is Sound" by Hazrat Inayat Khan

"The life absolute from which has sprung all that is felt, seen, and perceived,
and into which all again merges in time,
is a silent, motionless, and eternal life . . . .
Ever motion that springs forth from this silent life is a vibration and a creator of vibrations.
As motion causes motion, so the silent life becomes active in a certain part
and creates every moment more and more activity,
losing thereby the peace of the original silent life.
It is the grade of activity of these vibrations that accounts for the various planes of existence.
These planes are imagined to differ from one another,
but in reality they cannot be entirely detached and made separate from one another.
The activity of vibrations makes them grosser,
and thus the earth is born of the heavens. . . . "

(from: The Music of Life by Inayat Khan)

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