Place of Refuge

Place of Refuge

18 June 2011

SUMMER FEAST FOR THE SOUL: Being Spiritual in the Age of the Cyborg

There is a message
on this blog,
on which I am consistent,
and it is a message about change
-- the dramatic change that I do feel we are all facing --
and an appropriate way to face it.

Humanity is changing so rapidly
right now,
we're going crazy.
Reality is shifting faster
than I can type this posting,
and faster
than you can read it.

Technology is overtaking us;
we can do with technology now things that
our bodies could not do in a lifetime;
we can use technology
to fix our bodies. 

We are living in the age of the cyborg.

we are in
The Age of The Grid:
this is
a time when we can all be
in the same place, at the same time:
the same place,
(as long as we redefine "place"
as where we are in our minds)
at the same time.

Bottom line.

You know it and I know it.
People can play in Second Life
with folks on the other side of the world,
just as long as we agree to be there
at the same time;
people can blog about the problems they have
with their cars
as long as they agree to be on a car blog
at the same time;
people can do a number of things,
both licit and illicit,
with strangers,
all at the same time,
if we all agree to be here at the same time.

All you have to do is make sure you turn on your computer
at the same time I do, 
and I'm there,  as are you
along with
 several other hundreds of thousands of people
in the world.

the internet could be used
to unite humans
under one purpose--

All we'd have to do
is agree
to turn it on
and let it dictate where our mind is at
at the same time.

And humanity would be joined
in one spirit,
in whatever spirit
the people who commandeer the computers
put us in.

Isn't that funky?

Isn't that scary and wonderful?

This would be most wonderful if the spirit
we joined in were to be one
of cooperation and love.

This would also be wonderful if the spirit
we joined in were to be one
of spiritual growth and harmony.

Crazy right?

Well, here's a link to a group that is trying to do
precisely that:

I'm going to do it.
How about you?

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