Place of Refuge

Place of Refuge

22 June 2011

The Human Band Width

let's imagine that it's true --
that on 
the planet Earth,
all the other planets
all align
with the center of the Solar System,
and we realize that this actually puts us
into a rather vulnerable position,
especially with regards to
solar flares.
And our protective
has a hole in it.

I'm no physicist,
but I have a crazy idea :
let's imagine that,
the ethereal entity that unites
all humans -- the collective
soul, the breath,
the essence of life
 -- is composed
of something akin
to radio waves.

(To understand this, let me ask you this:
is there anyone on the planet -
brother, sister, mother,
grandmother, spouse 
with whom you feel you have
some uncanny bond?
And do you ever have these bizarre
but wonderfully natural
moments when 
you're both thinking of each other
and one calls
the other --
only to find the other was intending
to call?
Or do you know
when something bad
is happening
to your brother
best friend)

What is it that links you to that person?

Well, I propose
that's caused by a form of
radio wave,
and you and that person 
just happen to be
tuned into the same channel,
so to speak.)

If you'll actually buy into
this bizarre proposal,
we are all,
more or less,
giant radio beacons,
and we are indeed
"in tune"
with a few of our 
closest family members and friends.
At one time, too, we could also
tune into the entire human life-force,
but now, our collective tuning
is way off.

But it is possible to
tune into a larger collective.

Centuries of deception
and discordance
and distrust of the other
has made it nigh impossible
to actually recognize
that humans all share the same band width.

If we cleaned out the receivers
in our hearts,
so to speak,
and if we could
tune everyone
into the same tone,
we might produce something akin
to a radio blanket

sort of like a shield of tightly woven
that would protect us against
the hot hot waves
of the maddening sun.

And let's pretend for a minute that this
absurd flight of fancy
would actually work
to save the planet and all of humanity.

So this is the deal,
Radio Makropoulos:
at a certain point in the not too distant future
we should all put ourselves
into the zone of
Selfless Love, and 
this would produce the 
necessary frequency
to imitate the 
ozone layer,
and save the Earth
and all its inhabitants.

(Sounds simple, right?
We just have to love each other.

Of course, Selfless Love is preceded
by Self Love
because one cannot exercise
Selfless Love
of others if
one does not love the Self first.

using my wildly idealistic and irrational premise,
the best way to save the world from final destruction
is this:

Step One:
Love Yourself.

Step One-A:
If you do not love yourself,
if you think your life is worthless,
or anything else like that,
it's time to give that routine up.
Just give it up.
You've been doing this
all of your life, and all it's made you
is miserable.
that you got up this morning,
and somehow got yourself
to a place where you can read
this crazy woman's rambling.
You're able to eat,
most likely move around,
and have an opinion.
And therefore,
you have value.
You are an individual worth loving,
and I love and respect you
for getting through this nutty blog entry.
So, there:
start loving yourself.

get on with the task of selflessly loving 
everyone and everything around you.

And then, well,
our collective love
will create a shield of

In my idealist blogging past, I declared
a trial run, to begin
11/11/11, at 11:00 am or pm,
in any time zone,
it really doesn't matter.

I keep thinking that would be a good idea.

So read my proposal above,
and my proposal for
and then
do it.

I dare you.

If everyone on this earth
would suddenly decide to 
#1: Love Yourself
#2: Love the World Unselfishly,
there may actually be something like
on earth,
and we might have the side benefit
of actually seeing Jesus
face to face.

All Together Now . . . 


Debra She Who Seeks said...

You hippy you!

Makropoulos said...

A hippy? I've never really thought of myself that way.
But if it means believing that love has the power to heal and redeem, well, then I'll be a hippy.