Place of Refuge

Place of Refuge

21 June 2011

James Richard Verone, American Hero

I predict,
that within the next week, t-shirts will begin appearing
with this man's picture on it.

James Richard Verone
has offered himself up
as a symbol of what the United States health system has become:

James Verone is not
necessarily a criminal.
He appears to have been,
for most of his 59 years,
a law abiding United States citizen,
but at the age of 59,
he has no insurance
and he's ill.

So he robbed a bank of $1, so he could get put in prison
and receive medical care.

I'd say that's brilliant.

This man's face
one of the biggest problems in the 
United States of America,
the greatest country in the world,
the land of the free,
and you can believe it,
the home of the brave.

Our health insurance system has produced a
national psychosis that promotes a few
we feel that the "better" citizens
have their own health insurance,
we work like dogs to keep
our rapidly decreasing policies,
and all around,
we feel
that we'd better not get sick,
or we're screwed.
All health insurance in America
(except, perhaps
that for the very wealthy)
has a cap -- a limit;
and the elderly,
the chronically ill,
have a "doughnut hole"
of indebtedness
to fear.

Mr. Verone was brave to do what he has done,
and we can either chastise him for
"manipulating the system"
(oh, before you do that, think:
how many people do you know
who are uninsured?
And afraid,
truly afraid
of getting ill?
what would you do if that was your
best friend,
who decided to do this "crazy" act?

Crazy like a fox.

or we can 
pay attention to his message.

Good luck, James.

I sure hope you feel better soon.

1 comment:

Debra She Who Seeks said...

"James Verone" must be an American translation for "Jean Valjean". Good luck and good health care to him.