Place of Refuge

Place of Refuge

13 June 2011

Full Moon Coming (channelling)

Full Moon Coming,
I can feel it in my bones;
I can hear it in the way they crack,
and the struggle in my brain
to keep me on the right track,
the track that I've defined
to keep me clear in vision
and balanced in my mind.

The week is slightly nutty,
and things just won't make sense;
but keep your vision clear
and the moon can be your friend.

The moon amplifies whatever state
of mind you're in when it is full,
so it's best to not be down,
smile at the day, even if
the smile's  a toil; 
that smile will soon
become a laugh
about the time that moon
reaches full.

( longislandpress - follow this link for news
about the lunar eclipse this Wednesday! )

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