Place of Refuge

Place of Refuge

11 April 2010

Fingerlips: a love note



My fingers are my lips
as they curl over these keys
trembling with the desire to make contact,
to speak, to even cast a smile
towards you,
who take the time to glance 
or even linger longer

here with me.
But if no words come to me,
you see nothing.
You think I am other wise occupied
perhaps working
perhaps talking
perhaps flirting 
with some living, breathing creature

Don't believe that.
are my current lover--
you who listen;
you who read.
Anywone who comes here
and tries to puzzle
together the parts
I perform here for you:
I am devoted to you.

This space, this tiny sliver
of the virtual domain
is always on my mind,
and I regularly sort through
my thoughts, seeking
the one
worthy of being spoken 
for you.

It is as if my mindwere its own virtual domain.
The strand that this
occupies is glimmering and timeless.

The rest of my mind these days is so cluttered
with timebound tasks
that insist they must be done
And then a day or two later,
I look back at those tasks
that demanded such immediate attention,
and - if I can remember what they were -
I ask myself:
Was that really such an insistent task?
Was it even necessary?

Usually, the answer is no.

The most necessary thing we
have to do
is live fully and love each other,
and treat as holy
the bodies - those earthly avatars -
that we have chosen to use
while in this domain that demands
that we be flesh.
must be our most insistent task.

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