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Place of Refuge

23 April 2010

The Fall of Man, According to Makropoulos

At the fall of man
we were torn asunder.  
Our downfall was our desire
to see ourselves. 

Let me tell you the story
of the Fall of Man,
according to Makropoulos:

(source: Technabob )

Now for a little more self promotion:  If you want to see the logic that led up to this last claim,
you have to read the entry that precedes it. And you will probably need to read this to understand that, so just face it: you're caught in a dangerous cycle.

Lurianic Kabbalah helps us see that the fall of man is associated with
the moment at which
God felt a need
to see himself.

That is the fundamental element
of our Fall,
(ie: please read: the Fall of Man is, in this reading, directly linked to the moment of Creation.  Basically, I'm reading Biblical Genesis stories alongside the stories that have typically been considered "mysticism."   I see them as parallel stories, and all act metaphorically.  And they're honestly all kind of based upon the same question:  "How the hell did we get here?"  Now I honestly don't know if anyone else  has made an attempt to parallel the Biblical story of Creation with the mystical stories about the absolute moment of Creation.  I imagine someone has, and if I look long enough in internet land, I'll find out who did it, and when. . . .

-- oh what, are you telling me you don't know Lurianic Kabbalah?  Well, howdy do.  I don't mind explaining it, if you can stay with me that long.  My problem is that I'm channelling, and I'm following a line of logic that is coming to me from my body, my heart, my soul, and my brain.  Oh, please understand by now that when I say that something is coming to me, what I'm saying is that this message is coming to me through my body, and my body, like your body, is an apparatus, and avatar, if you will, that we developed so we could look at ourselves.  You may have to go back to my earlier entry to understand this.

Our bodies, in many ways, are the products of earth that we (the earth 
and it many developments) developed 
so we could come to comprehend that we are always caught in the act
of looking at ourselves. It's kind of like humans are organs.  We are, in fact,
the most important organ on the entity that is known 
as earth.

Maybe this will make you feel better:
we, the inhabitants and children of the physical earth, are the manifestation of the other half 
of God.  .   .   I'll  come back to that.  I think that's a pretty big idea to interrupt a minor thought with.
Remind me to read this again.

I wanted to explain Isaac Luriah:  Mr. Luriah, who was a mystic (I now know, after 400 and some years, that I too am a mystic), Mr Luria had a very nice vision of his own to help me see what I'm trying to piece together now.

I don't know why
HE had this vision.  But he did.  

So his vision went like this:

According to Mr. Luria, 
who was trying to answer the question of:
why were we ever created in the first place?
we were created because there was a moment when God,
which, by the way, is Life, The World, and Everything,
 wondered what the hell He Looked Like.

Yeah, that's right -- God, the Everlasting, Eternal, all-knowing, unnamable, 

Yeah, that Guy -- suddenly decided

He Wanted To See Himself

Now, honestly, why would God want to See Himself?

But he did.  

So he kind of had to produce his other side, so he could see it.  He couldn't produce
because to produce himself would be to produce
Double Everything
(two two two mints in one!),
and honestly
that's just not possible.

So the best he could do was
Half of Himself.

That's right: when God felt the desire to see himself, or herself, 
or whatever is self to God

("self" by the way, is a word which, in English, is a mirror word.)

when God felt that desire, she literally had to cut himself
in half
and he found herself looking at his other half,
which, well, in English at least,
means he -- if he is male -- found himself looking at a woman

or perhaps God was the woman, and he was using the Other self
to help him see himself.

Oh, Lord, I hope to God this makes sense:

Let me say that again:
who really has no reason to want to see himself, because he is everything
he wants to see himself.

How the hell does he do that?

He has to produce a space outside himself 
in which he can hold
(if God, which is Everything, can Hold Something, because why the hell would Everything want a hand?)
an apparati
by which 

may look at himself

A mirror.

       now that's an interesting thought: that God produced a mirror so he could see himself.  God produced a surface with the capability of reproducing the face of God.  Now, that's something you can't get at the Dollar General.  

Now in Lurrianic Kabbalah, 
At this moment of deciding that he wanted to see himself,
God contracted
as a woman suffers contractions while giving birth
so he could produce a space
in which he could hold a mirror or something like that
in Lurianic Kabbalah,
that mirror was composed
of spinning, stunning
rods and spheres,

(Now if you can't see penises and vaginas in that imagery.
well, you're just not being honest
with yourself.)

So, let me say that again: God wanted to see himself.
God had to produce a space 
somewhere in everything
which is 
everything he had to create a space
in which 
he could
HOLD a mirror.

This also meant he had to produce a mirror and 
some kind of apparati for holding a mirror

(I should say, any good Lurianic Kabbalist is just spinning and turning right now, reading what I'm writing here,
but I hope they take the time to read again.)

Anyway, all this spinning of 
rods and spheres 
was supposed to produce 
the representation of God
if you get what I mean:

I'll say it again
God, who was everything, got this idea
He wanted to see himself,
He had to create a space inside of of everything, 
where he could produce some kind of
by which 
he could see himself.

God had to produce
a mirror.

and I guess he did have to have a hand to hold it
therefore he produced a body
among other things,
has to have a hand to hold a mirror.

that suddenly
when God felt a desire
to see himself,
he had to divide himself.
he had to produce an apparati
through which he could see himself

Either or: mirror or exact opposite.
That's what he did.

Well, I'll tell you,
if your brain is in a twist right now, or
if you're so sick of me saying the same thing
over and over again,
just imagine how I feel.


I personally prefer the idea that he had to produce half of himself.


But according to Luria, those spinning spheres and rods
fell before the reproduction was
In other words, God dropped the mirror,


probably because it was his first experience of
holding one.
and when the mirror fell, when the glimmering rods and spheres
they shattered.
they shattered.

And humanity's task ever since then
has been to put the mirror back together
so we could see the face
of God.

Or so God could see
his own face.







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