Place of Refuge

Place of Refuge

11 January 2012

Hear and Know

Somedays I wake up,
and my being is here,
so totally
pressed up against my inner flesh
like a child against a window:
whole being, flat
to get to the other side
no matter
what harm lies there.

These days I relish like a fresh cup
of coffee,
and I drink them slow - - -

                                   Other days
I wake to find
the self is in bondage
                                                          somewhere deep inside,
                                                on the other side
                                                          where all selves merge.
Lost in the language,
the cacophony of vowels and 
                                   full stops,
I maneuver the day, a robot
wishing for immediacy,
aware of inadequacy.

Such days
only love
can bring me home,
can bring me here;
                                     we share
                                     a touch
                                       we share
                                           a glance ---

we owe each other
a lifeline back to the moment
if we recognize another wandering,
lost in space.

These words are my hands --
the vowels my eyes
seeking to anchor you

Here and Now
Hear and Know
Here and Now

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