Place of Refuge

Place of Refuge

12 June 2013


I am just a modest little
who, when I began this modest little
thought I could say something
that would impact someone.

I've since come to realize
that my little blog is just a blip 
on the larger screen,
like a distant star
in a distant galaxy,
in a landscape of babble.

I'm always a little shocked 
and amazed
when someone responds to a post I've written.

It's sort of like a voice from the other side of the universe.

And for those of you who are reading this:
It's nice to know you.


I ramble on
about whatever, and my words spin out
into the ether, sort of like that wonderful
to that film Contact,  that I think
Carl Sagan helped produce.

Remember that?

I kind of imagine the internet that way,
this scramble of voices
of impulses
of history,
emanating from our earth,
embracing the earth,
producing lasting traces
of we,
our history.

Cosmos left a big impact on me,
when it first came out.
It was one of those media events,
like the first time we landed on the moon,
that asked me
and everyone else,
to see our planet
from elsewhere,
to put our planet in its true perspective.

This is a fairly awesome thing to do,
in the truest sense of the word

I've been recently made aware of another film,
that places us back into that space perspective,
and asks us to look at earth
from space
and consider our responsibilities.
It's called Continuum, and from what I can see,
its makers are/were looking for funding to 
suport it at Kickstarter.

I think it's worth it.

Here's a trailer for it:

I'm getting used to the fact
I'm a blip on the internet screen,
and we
as a race, perhaps,
are getting more used to the fact
that we are but a blip
in the universe,

yet when you're 
an inhabitant of the blip,
well, it's worth taking the time to take care of it.

as I've said before,
that particular issue overshadows
all else.

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