Place of Refuge

Place of Refuge

29 June 2014

Digits in the Digital Realm

It's been a long time since my fingers tapped the keyboard, hoping to share a thought or two with the digital world.  This does not necessarily mean that the woman who claims to live forever suddenly died.  No chance.  

One wonders how long a blog can sustain its original intent. I notice many of my friends from a year ago are either gone totally, or, like I, have lost the ability to maintain regular postings.  I can't speak for them, but for me, I must say the inspiration hasn't left me, but I have been suffering, acutely, the demands placed upon anyone who works in an industry (ha! Education. ha!) where the employer is trying harder and harder to get fewer workers to do more work for less.  End of excuses.  The intent of my blog isn't gone either; it was and is to talk about life and eternity.  Well, what the hell, there has to be more to say about that, though it may come through a different perspective now.  Here's what tumbled out of my fingers today.  It's not a prophecy.  It's not my best work either.  But I think it's funny, in a way.


We've lived past the end of time,
and into a time when days are endless;
when pain stabs so deep that it is
painless, and you and I 
live in the digits
of a realm ethereal.

I'll meet you at the cyber cafe
at the intersection of Mars
and Lars (a lusty
sailor who came into port one day
only to get lost
in the stars) .  There
I'll sit drinking vodka, wearing a 
retainer designed to keep my 
knees from dropping.  It's best that way.

I know you came
to my door and rang and knocked
more than once, you even shouted, and I hid
on the third floor and watched you
from my window walk away.  You 
should know better.  Don't

come back another day.  Instead, book
mark me on your smartphone; in this domain,
don't go away.  Here, I linger always,
answer feedback, 
and replay.

Tomorrow, yesterday, and today.

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