Place of Refuge

Place of Refuge

01 November 2011

we've lived so well, so long

My palms weigh heavy,
my fingers are aching
to write poetry with wings,
words that fly
into your eyes and make you think
that for a moment you see
even the tiniest thing,
a little more clearly.

My voice too
rattles the cages of my throat
to sing to you.

This, though, will not be one of my finer entries,
only one I feel a need
to say,
rather than be silent
~ ~

The autumn closes on us all,
here in the Northern Domain
and the miserable misery of working
pulls on me like a ball
and chain --
I am not one of the unemployed in America,
nor am I one of the untaxed wealthy.
I am a member of the Working Class, which includes everyone
from garbage collectors to postal deliverers to teachers to engineers to insurance salesmen to nurses
to the retired to the grill-girl at McDonald's.

We are all the ones who pay the taxes and bills, with interest,
on every single living and dying step we take.

We're the ones who keep the company
woops, country

And now the ghoulish parade of hopeful GOP's
have donned their Halloween masks;
every day a new trick,
with promises of impossible treats.
Today, we discard our masks and return
to drudgery;
for them, the masquerade
has only just begun.

We're doomed to listen to them,
and to be required to believe
actually believe
that one of them,
just one of them,
is more capable than the current one man in office
 of relieving us of the mess we're in,
and restoring us to 1960's prosperity.

No no no no No

On this day, 11/1/11,
I say to you:
no one single American citizen
can turn this mess around.

Only us,
can turn it around.

And we must start by stopping
our bickering,
start by stopping
our partisanship
start by stopping
that we're right
and the other person
is wrong.

Start by listening,
and looking
with both eyes wide open,
and we will see
the Statue of Liberty
sailing away to sea.

We're all right,
and we're all wrong.
We have
lived so well,
so long,
and now
our biggest challenge is
finding a new way to live
together --


laurak@forestwalkart said...

(i think) one of the main that those of us that think and you do...will never really get anywhere with so many others that seem to have blinders on.
it makes me shake my head...and wonder 'what are they THINKING?!!' when i hear THEM complain...that they think they can do better...that THEIR way is the RIGHT way! just like religion. (why i don't believe in organized religion) everyone else is wrong. closed minded. breeds prejudice.

oh got me going...thinking...

what REALLY gets to me are these 'candidates'(!!!!!!) for president...(yikes! scary!) talking about RELIGION!! and rather than giving a woman the CHOICE...they want to inflict THEIR beliefs into LAW! and it won't stop there! i actually heard one of them say "we need someone to run this nation who has the right kind of values. and we all know what values those are. christian values."

we are a nation of mixed religions...or NO religion...we are (supposed to be) FREE to have our individual beliefs.
i don't know what's happened.

i sure wouldn't want Pres. Obama's job! he had (has) so much HOPE. and everything he has tried to do has either been squashed...or totally bad-mouthed! in their eyes...he can do nothing right.

YES! we need to ALL come together! we need to learn to respect, not just the earth...but our country and each other!

(do you think we'll SEE this in our lifetime?!!)

this WAS a fine entry....
i rambled...too much.... :)

Makropoulos said...

No, you didn't ramble, Laura. I really thought my own entry here was a bit lame, but it was what I was thinking. And I kept hearing that Simon & Garfunkel song in my mind. (I've been listening to the Best of S&G and don't understand why this song isn't on that album.)

I'm glad it made you ramble. That means it touched a nerve. That's what I think blogging is about -- giving voice to those who would normally stay silent.

I'll bet it made some readers mad. Oh, well, you can't please all of the time!

Nice to see you!