Place of Refuge

Place of Refuge

06 November 2011

Anonymous, aka: Makropoulos

My name is Anonymous;
I just walked past you,
but you didn't
see me.

I was born to blend in,
and named to be unnamed --
If I 
were sitting next to you
you wouldn't notice
if I were speaking
you would interrupt --
it's not
that you can't hear me;
it's rather
that my words 
appear irrelevant.

I would love to be heard,
but my fate 
not to be.

I am woman;      I am disabled
I am blonde;             I am shy
I am brown;                                 I was once abused--
I am homely              I am fat
I am poor     
I collect your garbage
                                                   I am an open bruise.

I can't read    ,           I am male
I used to work
in a factory, and
now I don't work at all.

My name is Anonymous;
I just walked past you.

My name is Anonymous,
but when I'm alone
I sing like a bird
I write words that seer
I design all my own clothes
I paint perfect portraits
I built my own home.
I touch people gently
I heal aching bodies and heart;
I love my children dearly
and refuse
to abuse

I listen to you carefully, and
believe that what you say is true.
I cry alone at night
and speak a language known by few.

My Name Is Anonymous.

I just walked past you.

My Name is Anonymous,
but my name is Makropoulos
and I beg you not
to take my words not
to take my songs.

They are mine;
yet they belong
to all the world

1 comment:

laurak@forestwalkart said...

i don't know where to begin.

i've been feeling down today. on edge. unseen. unheard.

i even started to write on my first 'art journal' page, hoping to lift my spirits.

i came your moving words. got the chills. tears filled my eyes. sometimes, some days i feel anonymous. but the world filled with so many who remain anonymous...because people don't take the time to 'listen' anymore.

well not everybody.

(i never heard of the movie 'anonymous'...the music in the trailer raised my goose bumps to another level...)

thanks for this post. it's very touching...