Place of Refuge

Place of Refuge

05 July 2011

Today's Diva: Jane Scott, Rock Critic (May She Rest In Peace)

Jane Scott was in her 40's
and had been writing about social events,
when she was asked to cover
a press conference with the Beatles for the Cleveland Plain Dealer.

She ultimately came to be known
as the premier rock critic
in Cleveland, Ohio,
despite the fact she looked like most of the artists' grandmother.

( also from )

Though some might disagree with me,
there are indeed some critics
who deserve the title
and, quite frankly,
Jane Scott would have to be up there in the top 10,
as a woman who loved her job
and did it very well, indeed.

She passed away this past Monday,
at the age of 92.

It's very difficult for me,
who will admit to having a bit of a history
with Cleveland,
to let this passing go without mention.

So here's to you,
have fun on the other side
where I'm sure you'll probably greet all your rocking buddies
as they join you --

Jane Scott, rock critic
(1919 - 2011)

1 comment:

Debra She Who Seeks said...

Maybe it was precisely because she looked like their grandmother that she was such a good rock critic -- she probably disarmed the rock stars into revealing different aspects of themselves.