Place of Refuge

Place of Refuge

23 July 2011

Ode To An Orchid, Long Anticipated

From out your tangled, tormented weave
of roots, I have wondered, 
           will I see a bloom 

One year, two years,
              watering there, 
            watching for
                              a different shoot
among the roots
              that clutch 
                 and cramp
                        your tiny home
              of earth.
My friend --

I recognized the singular sprout
                   a tad too late
                            to keep it straight,
                      but there it is
patience brings
                                     a cluster of blossoms,
                             ready to burst --
but I must extend
                       my waiting state,
                      amazed, though
at your regenerate
                  condition --
my heart, too
                     wells with you


Debra She Who Seeks said...

Your patience and nurturing care are about to be rewarded!

forestwalk/laura k said...

nice...and what will the long awaited buds look like when they open?? aaaah, the anticipation...

((i wanted to say thanks...for stopping by...and leaving your kind words...and so...i was able to look in on you here...i like it. feels good....and am looking forward to coming back and reading about your life which spans centuries! wow!))

Makropoulos said...

Thanks Laura! And I'll post the opened flowers -- it looks like one is opening today!