Place of Refuge

Place of Refuge

29 July 2011

i have a brain: aka: Eckhart Tolle, help me!

i have a brain that constantly moves,
pushes material through
its corners and curves,
through its alleyways
and open doors;
like fuel through an engine,
material I push through it,
it uses --
testing logical connections
and juxtapositions,
applying old formulas,
and looking for new ones ---
No matter what I encounter
or seek to entertain
at any given time
I feed it through
my hungry mind-machine
and produce

Some are wild
and fantastic --- others,
just like a child's puzzle --
easily solved and easily

This is some of what
I write
here; some
times, it's a 
poem; some
times, it's a 

Most of the time,
I feel,
my thinking is a 


PENolan said...

The Power of Now always seemed to me to be the Thinking Person's guide to Stop Thinking.
Challenging for sure.

forestwalk/laura k said...

'me...thinks too much...too' all the time. non stop. i think so even wakes me up at gears are times...