Place of Refuge

Place of Refuge

10 May 2011

To The Rainbow Racers

When you search for the rainbow
throughout your life;
when you gain it and find
there's no rainbow, after all,
you actually have a far better chance
of finding the rainbow where and when you least expect it.

A logical rainbow racer
who has survived
to adulthood and beyond,
who has tested every boundary,
strode every stair,
only to find
there was nothing special up there
is most likely to finally discover

that the end of the rainbow has been here along,
on this soil in this paradise of a planet,
my friend --
it's here.  Paradise is here.

We could live in paradise
if we could recognize that we live in it

We are the most regal
                 of the beasts
                               that inhabit paradise;
                                                all of us -
                              we all share paradise

(photo by Makropoulos)

Oh, dear friends:

we create hell by living in paradise and despoiling it.

We are nothing but the noblest animal:
 the beast                            
who was given the job to tend the other bests.
                        Nothing more; nothing less.

By taking that assignment of caretaker
too seriously, we made the mistake of thinking
we were gods as well.

< >

Oh, so wrong, 
you hairless beast
You are only a beast,
and the only similarity
you really have with God
                 is that, if he were 
            to appear to you at this 
moment, God would be hairless, too.
(You see, because in order for God to appear
at this moment, she would
have to find a way that would somewhat reflect
the material world that we live in.
Because God, after all, is not material;
so s/he would appear as a mirror,
because that's the only way s/he could be made manifest
in the physical realm.)

God would appear, and has appeared
as a mirror, and whomever
has confronted or confronts God directly
would only see
So humans who encounter God assign whatever
characteristics they personally hold to God,
when in fact they're really just looking at
themselves; thus:
God appears as a black man to a black man; 
she appears as an Asian woman to an Asian woman;
he appears as a crippled boy to a crippled boy;
or he appears as a puppy
to a puppy.

God has appeared differently to all
who have taken the time to view him, and yet
it is all the same God.

So, we must stop fighting dear friends,
we must begin
loving and living in peace;
and then you can just guess
when Paradise would arrive:
At that instant when we stop our fighting and start loving
first: the man or woman in the mirror,
then: the man who doesn't look a thing like you.

For we are all  the noblest animal, 
the beast 
who were given the job to tend after
the other beasts.
                                     Nothing more; nothing less.

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