Place of Refuge

Place of Refuge

01 May 2011

Monumental Time

(photo by Makropoulos)

We're living in a time
when everything that happens
is becoming legendary:

and Tsunamis,
and Floods
and Tornados
and Wars
and Riots
and Terrorism
and Political Corruption
is almost at a level at which we can say
"it's never been like this, during all of recorded history"
even as we hope it doesn't get any worse.

We're living in a time warp,
a warp in which
one time encounters another,
and explosions


This type of time warp doesn't happen
all too often, and when it does
the events that occur
are monumental,

this is an oral time,
a time when what we speak
and what we produce images of as much as what we say,
has more resonance
than what we write.
We can tell the tale of what we saw and did
much faster than we can
write it.

What we write, too, is important,
but nobody really has the time 
to read. 
People only read when they have a vested interest
in knowing
what they cannot see
(because what we can see is oh
so fascinating.
Reading and thinking is hard work.
Reading and thinking is scholarship,
and should be the domain of just a few.)

This is an Age of Hyper-Realism,
and Age of Non-Fiction
and intense Avant Garde.

Those who are satisfied with Hallmark landscapes
are incredibly
unsatisfied now.

because we're living in a time
when everything that happens
is legendary
and in such an age as this
people die legendary deaths,
and spark legendary fires. . .

~ ~ ~ ~
for what it's worth,
I "channelled" this entry this afternoon;
it was only as I was typing it up
that someone called me and told me
that Osama Bin Laden 
is dead.

I pray for us all tonight
Every single one of us, both living
and dead.
~ ~ ~ ~

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