Place of Refuge

Place of Refuge

08 May 2011

Channelling: When Divided Time Meets No Time

(Preface: I don't know where this message came from.  If you can get through it,
and understand it, well,
I'll give you a piece of chocolate)

You see, in the New Age,
we will have to recognize and accept,
and forgive
the fact we are not one and never will be one --
we are parts, equal parts of a Whole, for sure,
but not One,

for God is the One.

It's impossible for us
to be one,
because we are all separate yet equal,
parts of the whole that The One
for the sole intent 
of being able to see                           
itself    . .  .  . . 

you see
this is what 2012 is:
it is                    
the year of the palindrome:

it is the year when

the Divided Self perceives the United Self, wholly, finally.
And Vise Versa.

As I said last week, how long can it take
for the Singular God (aka: the United Self)  to perceive 
its own Creation (aka: the Divided Self)
in all its parts?

Well, if you're on God's side 
of the mirror,
it takes an
unmeasurable instant
for the One to perceive 
its mirror image,
in all its disparate,
hopefully beautiful

But that instant
in Timeless Time
is an eternity on our side of the mirror --

So anyway,
in the year of the palindrome,
God  (which is the linguistic placeholder
in our language used
to represent The Nothing Out of Which We All Came)
will have formed a conclusion
on what s/he thinks about the state
of her/his creation. 
                             (I hope you can follow what I'm saying)
I'm saying that by
12212012, D.T. (Divided, human time)
we, dear humans, will reach
the juncture at which 
the amount of time it takes the Creator to perceive It's Creation
with the numerical system we use to count the time.

That juncture, by the way,
can be best represented like this:

and that symbol,
dear friends,
is as much representational
as it is abstract.

it is a number to indicate
no number:
the double zero,
speak.  And it is also representational 
it performs on the page
the intersection we
are about to experience.

The best way to describe it is an eclipse.

Now, we know about
Lunar Eclipses

which occur when we, the earth that guides the moon
on its whirling, twirling path
stand directly in the way
of the moon's view of the sun.

It's an alignment that occurs because of a series of revolves
within revolves.

And then there are Solar Eclipses:


. and then there's something else,
that many people have speculated about:


 The eclipse we will encounter in a year or two
is much greater than the others,
it is the eclipse of one celestial habitation
as it comes in direct
with the larger force that it encircles,
and that keeps the celestial habitation
in motion,
just like the earth keeps the moon
in motion.

If you can foollow this,
then perhaps you'll be able to see
what I'm trying to say:

at this fabulous intersection,
all of creation (all of which exists
within the realm of Divided Time)
will be eclipsed by the force
that we call god,
and we
here on earth
will be in a position
where we will be gazing in
to God's eye,
as if gazing lengthwise along through the expanse
of the palindrome
of infinity.

And as with any eclipse
of the small
with the larger,
the smaller (we) will be able to see
the outline of the larger
around the the edges of the celestial bodies
between us.

~ ~ ~

The thing is:

the Unknown and Unknowable contains
the very force that produced
and, well, we're about to have a good look at each other.

~ ~ ~ ~

And since we are, in essence,
a product of It, well,
the Unknown, the Unknowable, the Vast Emptyness
That is Everything Other Than Us
(let's just call that God, for the lack
of a better word),
so when God encounters us,
it will look upon us a bit
like a father looks at a son.  And if
S/He is not pleased
with what it sees,
we may be screwed.

We are, after all,
just a product of division.


For the One to Produce Many,
it must Divide.

Because one
cannot produce another one,
and remain the Only One.  No;
at that point when One becomes Two
it inevitably also become Three and Four and
on to Eternity

which is
or thereabouts.

the actual period of time
in our time
which summarizes
and translates the amount of time
that it takes NoTime to react to its perception of
All Time
is approxiamately four days,
give or take an hour or two,
and that four day juncture
that includes 12212012
will be kind of rough,
because for a brief
period of time,
when No Time meets All Time
we'll be in a state of,
Frozen Time,
and there won't be much
we'll be able to do  about it,
except wait,
and it will seem like an eternity,
but it will really only be
four days,
give or take a minute or two,
and when
the big that after The Four Days occurs,
we'll know the outcome
of the encounter of the All and Its Reproduction (aka US),
and those of us who survive
the intense interrogation
of Self against Self,

 will be in a time beyond eternity,
and in that time,
we'll finally realize
how insignificant
really is.

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